Advice for summitting Kilimanjaro.

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Macon Dunnagan, author of Sons of Kilimanjaro, gives his top advice for conquering Africa’s highest mountain. Dunnagan says, “You have to constantly reevaluate your goals while climbing the mountains. Use the momentum from getting to the top of Kilimanjaro to help you deal with the next challenges in life when you get off the mountain. Nobody makes it to the top without the help and guidance of somebody else.”

Macon wrote the book “Sons of Kilimanjaro” to help climbers understand a little more about Kilimanjaro. He is attempting to climb Kilimanjaro for the fifth time soon.

1. Use positive thinking always. A positive attitude = positive outcome

2. Always listen to your guides. They know the mountains best.

3. In Swahili, “Pole pole” means slow. This is not a race. You only come this way once enjoy the

4. Make sure to drink plenty of water always.

5. Double check all your equipment works before you leave.

6. Take an extra pair of shoes to change into once you get to camp.

7. Eat just enough to be full, eating at 13,000 feet is different than eating at sea level.

8. Make sure to wear sun block on everything – your nose, lips, ears, scalp, back of legs and arms can all burn to a nice crispy red and then peel.

9. Have a poncho for rain gear. Standard rain gear makes you perspire because no air can circulate. If you perspire, then you dehydrate.

10. Take lots of pictures and as much video as your fellow climbers can stand.

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