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Australia is known for its outdoors, and the Australians and tourists take advantage of everything their country affords them.

For the first time person to OZ, we have put together a list of some of the better outdoor adventures. Much of the great adventures take places in Tasmania, the island below Australia. Yet less than 3 percent of all Australian tourists go there.

If you don’t know the Great Barrier Reef, chances are you have been living on Mars. On the Northeast coast of Australia, the reef contains the largest collection of core reefs, with more than 400 types of coral and a huge variety of species, many which are threatened with extinction.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure on the earth built by living organisms, and is the only one of such to be visible from space. Imagine what it looks like up close.

This is a perhaps one of the best places on earth for scuba and snorkeling, just make sure to never touch the coral.

This beach north of Sydney is really popular for surfing, hanging out and exploring on foot. Go north for bigger waves.

Head 12 hours north of Perth and you will find Shark Bay. Shark Bay is popular for scaring the living shit out of dolphins as people try to jump in and swim with them.

Known as the Great Sand Island, this is the place to rent a 4-wheel drive Land Rover and spend a few days camping.

Kakadu National Park is covers some 20,000 square kms. This is a great place for bushwalking through the river and mountains.

This 70 km overland track is a classic for travelers going to Tasmania. It is Australia’s most famous multi-day bush walk and is as a World Heritage Area because it’s one of the last few remaining temperate wilderness areas. How can you beat that? The overland is easy enough for the average fairly fit hiker, but also has enough to keep the advance hikers interested. The track is well marked and has huts and camping areas with toilets and water.

The Franklin River is a great wild river rafting. It has all the rafting classics – amazing wilderness, waterfalls, rapids.

Another great adventure in Tasmania, also a World Heritage area. The South Coast Track is for the more diehard hikers and campers.

(no, not the steak house)
No not the dumb American fast food-chain! You have heard of it, seen the show Survivor and know of this legendary area in the centerof Australia. Much like Patagonia, the Outback is said to be on of the last great frontiers in modern times. Take a good map, lots of fuel, and, if you LandRover breaks down, never leave it or basically you have a death wish. As a basic rule of thumb, if you are 2 hours from the coast, in any direction, you are on the border of the Outback.

For the truly adventurous and rugged, the Kimberly is much like the Outback, only traveled to by a few and known by relatively a few. It’s best to take a guided tour here. The Kimberly is in the Northwest Australia and is for those who don’t mind getting a little dirty and sleeping under the stars.

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