The Wonder of Lake Eyasi in Tanzania

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Harold Hedin

Adventure Traveller

  1. Age: 49
  2. Nationality: USA
  3. Where was your adventure?: Tanzania
  4. How many days was it?: 8
  5. What type of adventure?: Cultural Tours
  6. Give us a general overview of your adventure:
    I have visited Tanzania, four times, over the past 10 years. My first
    visit to the Lake Eyasi region was back in July 2004, and I stayed at a campsite operated by one of the locals. His name is Momoya Muhindoi. Momoya has a very good reputation with other tour guides and is used often, because of his knowledge of the region, the people, and he speaks the local dialect/language that most guides do not speak.

    My first visit to East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) got me hooked. This was back in Novemeber 1995. Both countries are educational, exciting, and adventureous. I enjoy meeting and learning about the
    different remote tribes. It is a humble and rewarding experience that everyone should experience. Learning about different cultures and the people is a blessing that is hard to explain. It is a gift that mankind should embrace.

    My tour guide introduced me to Momoya and we set off to explore a little of this remote and beautiful piece of real estate in Tanzania. I had the opportunity to go on a hunting trip with a group of the Hadzabe tribe. This tribe has had many hardships over the past several decades, but they are great people. They live off the land and hunt for their food as their ancestors have done hundreds of years ago. The children do not attend any school and everything they need is given to them by their knowledge of the land and the game. There are only approximately 200 of these nomads left. They do not mind tourists visiting them. All they ask is for respect and that their dignity and lifestyle will be perserved.

    The other interesting tribe was the Datogas. They are great and friendly people which ask for their lifestyle to be appreciated and not destroyed by Western influence. Momoya is part Datoga, so you can see why he comes in handy. His e-mail address is: He can also be regular mailed to at: P.O. Box 120 Karatu via Arusha, Tanzania.

    I revisited this remote region back in May 2005. The second visit was just as remarkable as the first. I spent a little more time with the Datogas and got an education that will last a lifetime. When visiting any tribe please be respectful and do not critize their lifestyle or beliefs. They are Humans, just like you and me. Learn from each other. If you decide to assist them to perserve their lifestyle do so honestly and openly. Do not be a wolf in sheep clothing. In other words, do not force them to be a Westerner with Western ideology, because if they do not you will not be willing to help them. Let
    them decide on what changes they want to make to their lifestyle/traditions.

  7. Was it difficult?: no
    Why or why not?
  8. Would you recommend this adventure trip to someone else? Why or Why Not?
    I would highly recommend to everyone visiting Lake Eyasi. Try to spend a few days
    or a couple of weeks. You will not be disappointed.
  9. What do you wish you would have done differently?
    The only thing I would have done different is spend more time.
  10. What kind of advice can you give to other travellers going on this adventure?
    Be respectful of the people and their religions, and traditions. Do not critcize the way others live. You are visting their homes, they are not visiting yours. Learn from each other. Do not rush in and out when visiting the tribes. You never know if you will get a chance for another visit.
  11. What type of gear did you bring?
    When I booked my tour all the gear
    (camping equipment and food) was taken care of. When I travel, especially to Africa,
    I travel light. One suitcase, my camera, and a small handbag.
  12. Where is your next big adventure? Why?
    My next adventure is back to
    Tanzania, next year. I met two lovely sisters, last year, and we have been e-mailing each other
    for the past year. I started sending one of the sisters to two different schools. My sponsor student is Matron, and she worked at this remote lodge and did many duties. I got to know her and
    decided that she was worth assisting. All she needed was a chance to prove herself and some education. Hopefully she will graduate, both schools, in a couple of years and fulfill her dream.
  13. Did you travel before or after your adventure? If so, where?
    I did not travel before or after my African adventure.
  14. On your adventure, what person did you most identify with?
    Indiana Jones

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