Volunteering In Ecuador

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Kelly Langford

Adventure Traveller

  1. Age: 23
  2. Nationality: USA
  3. Where was your adventure?: Ecuador
  4. How many days was it?: 90
  5. What type of adventure?: Basic Tour
  6. Give us a general overview of your adventure:
    I was a volunteer in the Galapagos Islands for three months, including some travel around Ecuador.
  7. Was it difficult?: yes
    Why or why not?
    The reality is that living in the third world is difficult, whether it is paradise like Galapagos or not. From the corruption you face daily or the cold showers, it’s hard, but oh so definitely worth it!
  8. Would you recommend this adventure trip to someone else? Why or Why Not?
    I would recommend it as the trip of a lifetime. However, I would make sure that the person understands the challenges of volunteering in grass roots foundations, especially in a developing country.
  9. What do you wish you would have done differently?
    I wish I would have known more of what I was getting into (teaching english is hard!), and learned more Spanish.
  10. What kind of advice can you give to other travellers going on this adventure?
    Go for it! Just make sure you are prepared!
  11. What type of gear did you bring?
    I brought regular travel gear, nothing too crazy
  12. Where is your next big adventure? Why?
    I would love to go back to South America and see more.
  13. Did you travel before or after your adventure? If so, where?
    I traveled & Lived in Europe, and went on an expedition in Mexico.
  14. On your adventure, what person did you most identify with?
    Crocodile Hunter

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