Company: African Routes

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Name: Amy
Name of the outfitter: African Routes
Type of Tour: Overland Safari
High end tour, mid-range, or budget? Budget

Where did you go? How many days? What was the number of people?

Overland from Capetown South Africa to Cairo, Egypt. Through Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and of course, ending in Cairo. The tour lasted 70 days. It was actually 3 tours back to back. There were 5 of us that went the whole way. There were 13 people who were with us on the first section, 9 joined on the second and 8 on the third.

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Why or why not?
I had a good time. I thought the price was agreeable. The equipment was well maintained. I especially liked their trucks. We were on two of them and they could go faster than the competitors which allowed us to arrive at our destinations earlier so we weren’t crowded out.

What’s one piece of advice for going on an adventure?
You really have to leave any preconceived notions behind. Enjoy it for what it is, not dislike it for what it is not.

What was your guide like? What was his name?
Our guides were really good guides for the countries they knew, we were the first to go with them all the way From Cape to Cairo so they were really unfamiliar with Sudan. Our guide for the first 2 was Wimpy and Ian joined us for the last section.

What was your opinion of the tour comany?

Middle of the road

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