Company: Transfrontiers

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Name: Jill Maucere
Name of the outfitter: Transfrontiers
Type of Tour: Walking/ Driving Safari
High end tour, mid-range, or budget? Mid-range

Where did you go? How many days? What was the number of people?
We were on a five day safari in two different camps in the Greater Kruger area in South Africa. There were seven people in our group (the max was eight).

Recommend this company?

Why or why not?
Transfrontiers was very focused on making sure we had an excellent safari. We were schedules to do two drives/walks per day, but our guide took us out on addition drives (or on extra long ones) if there was a good chance of a good sighting. (We all piled in the safari vehicle after dinner one night when we should have been heading to bed to go see if there were any lions at an elephant carcass.) Also, I have a weird diet and they catered for me (and the vegetarian) superbly.

What’s one piece of advice for going on an adventure?
Don’t be afraid of the mini-busses “black taxis.” A lot of the (white) locals are afraid of them, but I never had any problems on them or met anyone who did. I though the passengers and drivers were really friendly.

What was your guide like? What was his name?
Andrew was our guide. I found him to be friendly and very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

What was your opinion of the tour company?
A good quality company

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