Company: Wild Dogs and Crazy Kudu Safaris

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Name: Jill Maucere
Name of the outfitter: Wild Dogs/ Crazy Kudu Safaris (they merged in 2005)
Type of Tour: Wildlife Safari & Dunes Tour
High end tour, mid-range, or budget? Budget

Where did you go? How many days? What was the number of people?
I went on a 3-day wildlife safari to Etosha in northern Namibia and a three day trip to the Sossusvlei dunes in the Namib Desert.

Recommend this company?

Why or why not?

The trip to the dunes was good, but there were problems on the wildlife safari. My 1st question before I booked my tour was if they could accommodate my diet. They said they absolutely could and had catered to my diet before. When I got there, however, it was a different story. I had to supervise the guide/cook to make sure my food was okay for me to eat. The cook also had trouble catering to the woman who was vegetarian/no-dairy. He didn’t even realize that butter was a dairy product. The biggest problem though was that they skipped over our last game drive! On the third day we were supposed to do a game drive in the morning and then drive back to Windhoek, but our guide seemed to not have been told this and just drove us straight back despite my speaking up about it. This meant that we essentially only had one game drive since our first day was spent getting to the park and we only had about an hour in Etosha before we had to get to camp.

What’s one piece of advice for going on an adventure?
Make sure you are in good shape! Climbing up the sand-dunes to sandboard and admire the scenery is a must, but it is deceptively difficult.

What was your guide like? What was his name?
Our guide was very friendly and pretty knowledgeable about the wildlife. His name was Ronny.

What was your opinion of the tour company?
Bottom of the toilet bowl

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