Company: Umkulu River Adventures

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Name: I.E.
Name of the outfitter: Umkulu River Adventures
Type of Tour: Orange River Canoe Trail
High end tour, mid-range, or budget? Budget

Where did you go? How many days? What was the number of people?
I went to the Orange River at the Namibian and South Africa border post. We where a group of 16 travellers that left Cape Town on a river adventure trail.

Recommend this company?

Why or why not?
This was the best thing i have ever done. I booked my tour directly over the Internet with Umkulu Adventures. Pine & Hennie seemed extremley laid back and relaxed, I was worried at first because nothing seemed to get these guys excited. Our equipment and base camp was good and the food excellent. It was amazing what these two can prepare on open fires. I have never felt so much part of a tour, but yet so relaxed at the same time. Their knowledge and experience makes you feel apart of their lifestyle and not just another vistor to the country. I really would like to recommend this tour to all of you out there, the best thing i have done in South Africa.

What’s one piece of advice for going on an adventure?
You can arrange most trips directly with the companies and avoid to search for deals, all the rates are the same everywhere. Don’t judge the company until you have joined them. Umkulu seemed a small company and very chilled out, but what a surprised, organised and relaxed – and definitely value for the money. They are a bit slow on the admin side, but you will understand why when you join them on a tour.

What was your guide like? What was his name?
Hennie & Pine where excellent. They were very laid back and extremely proffessional on the river, but definitely a little crazy, which made the trip even better.

What was your opinion of the tour company?
A good quality company

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