Company: Yuturi Lodge Accommodations

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Name: John and Nathalie Olson
Name of the outfitter: Yuturi Lodge
Type of Tour: 5 day Amazonian jungle adventure
High end tour, mid-range, or budget? Mid-range

Where did you go? How many days? What was the number of people?
We flew to Coca from Quito. Our first night was spent at Yarina Lodge (a wonderfully clean and safe lodge), then two nights at Yuturi Lodge (absolutely disgusting), and the last night back at Yarina.

Recommend this company?

Why or why not?
Yuturi lodge is in a total state of disrepair, with little, if any, maintenance, and cleaning. The cabanas we were offered were disgustingly unsafe (i.e., exposed electrical wires which had to be joined to make the single evening light work, old rickety construction with large holes in the floor, several semi-invisible strings across a small room at eye height holding up tattered mosquito nets), unhygenic (i.e., inadequate water pressure from the shower head to shower after a hot/humid day), and unclean to the point of filthy (the shower, sink, and toilet were disgustingly filthy from years of neglect and poor cleaning practices).

What’s one piece of advice for going on an adventure?
Check out the suggested jungle lodge accommodations before you sign anything. Do not rely on “any” pictures provided on the Internet from any source. Yuturi accommodations looked acceptable in the pictures but what was found was unacceptable at any price.

What was your guide like? What was his name?
Our interpreter’s name was “David”, of Mestizo descent who spoke excellent English, Spanish, and Quichua. Our main guide’s name at Yuturi was Sixto, a knowledgeable, humorous, and wonderful local Quichua native.

What was your opinion of the tour company?
Bottom of the toilet bowl

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