Explore the Irish Countryside

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As home to many of our ancestors, Ireland’s lush green countryside and rolling hills, quaint villages, jolly pubs and bustling streets of Dublin make this country a great destination for any traveler. With the city of Dublin making it’s home on the eastern coast of this country since the days of the Vikings, the country also boasts an extremely rich cultural and historical past. Whether you are an American looking to get in touch with your Irish roots, or simply a traveler with an interest in picturesque landscapes, friendly people and good whiskey, than Ireland is the destination for you. Maybe it’s because I hail from the Pacific Northwest, but there is something about Ireland’s rolling green hills, good beers and lots of rain that truly strikes a cord with me. Add to that killer accents, ruggedly beautiful coastlines and a people that take their social drinking and cultural identity and independence very seriously, and you have one of the best places to travel to in the entire world.

ireland-countrysideIf you are feeling like you’d like a little help in planning your Irish adventure, than signing up for a small group tour could be just the way to go. So, ok, I know what you are thinking. “A travel tour? Isn’t that what old people do?” The answer is no. The truth is travel tours have come a long way since the days of giant air-conditioned buses and old ladies. Today there are tours designed specifically for the independent, adventure traveler. That’s right—active, interesting and adventurous tours that allow travelers to explore and experience a foreign place. So, no, you won’t be sitting next to Edna with blue hair the whole time as she rambles about her Irish mother. This means you’ll be hiking through amazing scenery, strolling the Irish countryside and visiting authentic and cozy Irish pubs, not sitting on an air-conditioned bus next to Grandma Sue. The groups are also kept small, usually capping out at 16 people, so you won’t be traveling around with some awkwardly huge group of gawking tourists. Plus, by using a combination of local and experienced guides, you’ll often see and experience MORE than you would on your own. Want to learn some Irish history as you make your way through the Irish countryside? This is the way to go. Also, because these tours have already been developed to showcase the best of the best, you’ll save yourself from countless hours of potentially pointless research trying to find out where to go and what to eat. What better than to get to tour around Ireland with someone who knows the best places to go? So pack your bags and get ready to journey around the lush oasis of Ireland.

United Kingdom Heritage Expedition

Catch a glimpse of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England with this 10 day trip through the UK. Includes: Northern Ireland, Belfast, St. Michael’s Mount, and Guernsey on the MS Expedition.

Celtic History Voyage

Experience some of the most beautiful history with 14 days in Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland and France. From the Portsmouth, England crossing the English Channel to Normandy; from the Isles of Scilly to the Cliffs of Moher and on to Edinburgh, Scotland, join us on a truly unforgettable adventure on the MS Expedition.

Ireland Walk and Cycle Tour

On this 8 day tour, you will explore one of the most spectacular regions on Ireland’s West Coast. Steeped in history, mythology and traditional Irish culture, experience the magic of the Dingle Peninsula. This biking and walking tour will take you into remote areas of Ireland often overlooked by most tourists where you will get to drink beers with the locals and see rural Ireland at its best.
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