Have a month or two? Check out these 5 Asian overland adventures

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Explore this vast and varied continent
Explore this vast and varied continent

The economy isn’t doing so hot and maybe you just lost your job. Or maybe you just graduated from school and would rather delay the onset of the real world by taking a long trip. Or maybe you just have the luxury to be able to head out on an incredible vacation right now for a few months. Whatever the reason, if you’ve been dying to explore Asia, and now have the time, there are some really fabulous small group adventure tours that will take you on a once in a lifetime overland journey through different parts of Asia. In a month or more, you can explore Southeast Asia, travel through China to the peaks of the Himalayas of Tibet and Nepal, see the great wall and explore the bustling metropolis of Beijing. Asia is a huge continent, full of opportunities for the intrepid traveler. However, with the size and beauty of this continent comes a little uncertainty. How do you get the most bang for your buck here? How do you explore the most and see the greatest parts without feeling rushed through your travels? The answer to these questions all lay in signing up for a small group adventure tour that are specifically designed to help the intrepid traveler get the most out of his or her travel experience.

So, I know what you are thinking, and no, travel tours aren’t just for old people anymore. You most definitely will not find yourself sitting next to blue-haired Edna and her husband George as you bus your way around Asia. No way Jose. The truth is travel tours have come a long way since the days of giant air-conditioned buses and old ladies. Today there are tours designed specifically for the independent, adventure traveler. That’s right—active, interesting and adventurous tours that allow travelers to explore and experience a foreign place. This means you’ll be hiking through amazing scenery, strolling along the Great Wall and eating authentic Chinese food, not sitting on an air-conditioned bus. The groups are also kept small, usually capping out at 16 people, so you won’t be traveling around with some awkwardly huge group of gawking tourists. Plus, by using a combination of local and experienced guides, you’ll often see and experience MORE than you would on your own. Don’t speak Chinese, Thai, Japanese or any Asian language? No problem. With guide who not only knows where to go, but also how to get around these Asian countries and speaks some of the language, you won’t feel quite as lost as you might on your own. Also, because these tours have already been developed to showcase the best of the best, you’ll save yourself from countless hours of potentially pointless research trying to find out where to go and what to eat. So whether you want to journey through the Himalaya highlands of Tibet or soak in the bustling movement of Beijing and visit the Olympic village or hang out on a Thai beach, these Asian overland tours offer you a little of the best of everything. So, take advantage of that time away from the real world and pack your bag. You may just never want to come home…

Asian Explorer

This is the big one. Thirty-three days, four countries – the jewels of Indo-China in just over a month. It is an exciting and memorable trip, taking in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia with their breathtaking contrast in cultures, history and scenery. Take the journey that is sure to delight and inspire you. This adventure trip will guide you to all the must see places in South East Asia. You will have the opportunity to see the amazing people and places that have survived wars and genocide to thrive in an amazing and beautiful place to make South East Asia what it is today. A vibrant and culturally rich region of the world, you won’t be sorry you stuck to this region of Asia on a tour that is guaranteed to appeal to all of your senses—delicious food, gorgeous scenery, and hot, humid days. Get ready for some serious beach relaxation and cultural discovery on this amazing tour.

Bangkok to Bali Overland

Our overland month-long journey from Bangkok to Bali is a wonderful introduction to the incredible diversity of the Malay Peninsula and Indonesian archipelago. Nature reserves, volcano sunrises, ecological farming, exotic cuisines and firewalking demonstrations- we pack it all in. Enjoy plenty of opportunities to get to know traditional cultures and meet local people as we wander through rice paddies, lush landscapes and ancient temples. For a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, this is a trip that simply can’t be missed.

China Encompassed

This comprehensive China Tour takes us to grottoes, gardens, temples, and tombs, with a trek in Tiger Leaping Gorge and a cruise along the Yangtze River. We start in Beijing with a walk along the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu, then explore Tiananmen Square and the centuries old buildings of the Forbidden City. We visit the Iron Pagoda and Dragon Pavilion in Kaifeng, the Shaolin Temple and Pagoda Forest, before marvelling at the caves and shrines of the Longmen Grottoes at Luoyang. In Xi’an we visit the awesome Terracotta Army, and in Shanghai take a city tour that visits the Jade Buddha Temple and Yu Gardens. We fly to Kunming to visit the eerie Stone Forest, and then trek the Tiger Leaping Gorge, an essential experience in northern Yunnan province, rewarding you with stunning scenery. In Lijiang and Tibetan influenced Zhongdian we learn more about the cultures and customs, with time to wander the streets, explore the markets and monasteries, and spend time with a local Tibetan family.

Mountains and Monasteries

Satisfy your sense of adventure and spiritual curiosity on this overland odyssey. From the great archaeological sites of China, travel across the vast Tibetan Plateau, through remote villages and into the mountain kingdom of Nepal. The intense spirituality of the Tibetan people is ever-present in their remote monasteries, high mountain passes, traditional homes and colorful marketplaces. Join the pilgrim’s circumambulations in Xiahe, sample yak butter tea in Shigatse, eat plenty of dumplings and immerse yourself in the atmospheric monastic rituals along the way. Complete the journey with a panoramic view of Mt Everest for an extraordinary real life experience.

Ancient Empires–Beijing to Tokyo

An incredible journey showcasing the best of two ancient cultures and vastly different empires. From the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors, step into Japan in all its contemporary glamour alongside national treasures such as Mt Fuji and the spiritual Mt Koya. This 18-day adventure is a fantastic voyage between two mind blowing countries.

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