Want to see the Orangutans? Here are 5 tours that will show you the best of Borneo

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See orangutans in their natural habitat in Borneo
See orangutans in their natural habitat in Borneo

As the third largest island in the world, Borneo is a large and varied island with a lot to offer the most intrepid explorers. From high mountain tops to dense jungles full of rare and beautiful orangutans, Borneo is home to awe-inspiring nature. Borneo is a mostly mountainous island, with its tallest peak reaching 13,455 feet. For most of the last millennium, Borneo remained isolated from the rest of the world. Located further from Indian trade routes than other parts of the Malay Peninsula, Borneo was less often the destination of traders and immigrants. This isolation not only effected the way the island developed (or did not develop, much of Borneo remains undisturbed), but also tourism industry. Although just as beautiful as nearby Southeastern Asian nations, Borneo has a less developed tourism industry. Lack of infrastructure makes Borneo an excellent place for nature lovers to explore the jungles, beaches and mountains of this country, but it also means travel is sometimes a little more logistically difficult.

For those who are dying to go on an adventure to Borneo, a great way to do so is by signing up for a small group adventure tour. So, ok, I know what you are thinking. “A travel tour? Isn’t that what old people do?” The answer is no. The truth is travel tours have come a long way since the days of giant air-conditioned buses and old ladies. Today there are tours designed specifically for the independent, adventure traveler. That’s right—active, interesting and adventurous tours that allow travelers to explore and experience a foreign place. First off, they keep the groups small, usually capping out at 16 people, so you won’t be traveling around with some awkwardly huge group of gawking tourists. Second, these tours don’t just scratch the surface of the places you visit. In fact, by using a combination of local and experienced guides, you’ll often see and experience MORE of Borneo than you would on your own. Also, because these tours have already been developed to showcase the best of the best, you’ll save yourself from countless hours of potentially pointless research trying to find out where to go and what to eat. Oh, and don’t worry, you definitely won’t be experiencing Borneo from the window of some bus the entire time. These tours have you trekking up mountains, sailing in longboats and exploring the jungles in search of the famed and rare orangutan. So, pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime on this island in the clouds.

Borneo Encompassed

In a unique and exciting journey exploring Borneo, this tour satisfies all tastes by bringing to life jungle walks and its wildlife. We delve into the countries national parks, stay in a longhouse, travel by bus, plane and longboats to uncover the charms of this abundant island. The tour opens exploring Kuching and Semengoh Orangutan sanctuary before traveling to Bako National Park in search of the Proboscis monkey. Flying on to Mulu we visit Gunung Mulu National Park for walks into Deer Cave and Lang Cave, where thousands of bats fly out for their nightly feeding forays. We follow the Headhunter Trail to visit the Iban people, and explore the amazing Pinnacles. Continuing on to Sabah and Kota Kinabalu on the South China Sea, we climb Mt Kinabalu then view the prolific wildlife around Ox Bow Lake. On to Sandakan for our visit to the stunning turtle island of Selingan, surrounded by crystal clear water and reefs. Next we visit the Sepilok sanctuary, where orang utans live wild in a vast jungle refuge. We make a visit to the Australian War Memorial, and from there we return to Kota Kinabalu where the tour ends.

Best of Borneo

Mountains, dense jungle, sandy beaches, caves, exotic wildlife encounters, headhunters and remote long house stays await you on this spectacular journey to Sabah and Sarawak. This With tourism still in its infancy, you will certainly feel like you are a pioneer on this wonderful trip that takes your through national parks and give you a chance at seeing some rare oragutans.

Borneo Family Adventure

Want to take your kids on a trip other than to Disneyland and give them an experience they will cherish forever? Then this trip is ideal. Sabah is breathtaking! Discover its magical combination of unique wildlife, stunning scenery and beautiful beaches. Come face to face with orangutans, enjoy the crystal clear sea and explore tribal villages.

Sarawak Explored

This exciting trip packs a tremendous amount into nine days. We plug into Borneo’s culture, talk to locals, explore the amazing landscapes, meet headhunters, take jungle walks and visit national park caves. The tour opens in Kuching, Sarawak’s busy river capital. Discover its ancient Chinese temples, ethnological museum and colourful markets selling exotic spices. We visit the Orang Utan Sanctuary of Semengoh, before heading out to Bako National park, with its wonderful array of wildlife in their natural surroundings – particularly the silver leaf monkey, the long-tail macaques and proboscis monkey.

We fly to Miri and on to Mulu National Park, where we discover the largest caves on earth, explore dense rainforest by boat and by foot and take on a challenging day trip to the magnificent limestone pinnacles. We trek along the Headhunter Trail to find Iban Longhouses and meet the Iban people. Then by boat and bus to Limbang, Labuan and on to Kota Kinabalu where our tour ends.

A Taste of Sabah

This one-week trip is a fantastic introduction to the natural wonders of Sabah, from sea turtles and proboscis monkeys to the awesome summit of Mt Kinabalu. Mingle with locals in the markets of Kota Kinabalu, climb South-East Asia’s highest peak, watch giant green turtles lay their eggs on Turtle Island and make friends with the orangutans at the Sepilok Sanctuary – nature and adventure lovers, Sabah will surely delight.

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