Featured Trip: 17 Day Custom Overland Himalayan Excursion

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Every other week we take the opportunity to highlight one of the many awesome adventure trips we offer here at BootsnAll. We have been lucky enough to partner with Global Basecamps to offer some amazing trips for adventure travelers of all types.

This week’s featured trip is a 17 day overland Himalayan journey. If you have ever dreamed of seeing the mighty Himalayas up close and personal but aren’t quite up for hiking to Everest base camp or taking weeks to complete the Annapurna Circuit, then this may be the trip for you.

Highlights include:


  • Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city of Kathmandu before taking off into the mountains. The great thing about these trips is that not every hour of every day is planned for, and there are plenty of opportunities to have your own indie travel experience. We offer a mix of being able to explore on your own and take part in some of our guided tours.
  • After 4 days in Kathmandu, you will hook up with your guide and driver to start exploring the Himalayas overland.
    • Enjoy the towns of Zhangmu and Dingri before being escorted to Everest basecamps.
    • Stay a night in the Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse.
    • Explore the town of Saga.



  • After 5 more days of exploring the Himalayas, you will take a train to Beijing, where you will have a few days to explore one of China’s biggest cities.

This trip is great for anyone who wants the experience of seeing the mighty Himalayas but may not be interested in spending weeks hiking or sleeping in a tent.  While tours aren’t always seen as the most indie way to travel, the tours we offer through Global Basecamps give you the best of both worlds.  It’s difficult to travel on your own in the Himalayas, and oftentimes taking a tour is your only way to see certain parts of the world.

For more information on this particular trip, be sure to check out the Himalayan Excursion page and click through for more information.

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