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South East Asia on a Hamstring

Marie Javins is taking off on a 2 month overland tour of South East Asia with tour group. The countries she plans to visit include Indonesia – Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia.

My two months in SE Asia consists of multiple trips strung together. The first one is ‘Bali to Bangkok Overland’. The second is titled ‘The Great Indochina Loop’ but it consists of ‘Bangkok to Hanoi’, ‘Spirit of Vietnam’, and ‘Road to Angkor’.

Read Marie’s amazing Asia overland stories.

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A Hundred Yak Butter Lamps

Brandon Wilson and his wife joined an international group of five other travelers on our mandatory, propaganda-laden, organized tour in Tibet. They were a little nervous approaching customs since they had a stack of photos of the Dalai Lama.

Special Tour: Top National Parks in Thailand

Thailand By Theresa Yiju Lin Thailand (Muang Thai) is divided into five different regions geographically, the North, the North-East, the East, the Central and the South. Thailand is a tropical country with numerous forests and waterfalls. Within the national borders, it provides a home to many rare plants, animals and insects. Botanists’ research showed there are 27,000 different plants grown […]

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