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North America is a widely diverse, interesting, wild and beautiful continent. With everything from stunning mountain ranges to lush valleys and heavily forested hills to great beaches, deep canyons, deserts and rolling fertile plains, there is just about every type of landscape you could imagine all contained within one continent. But exploring this huge place can be overwhelming. These 5 adventure trips may help you focus your travels and show you the best of what this continent has to offer.

5 Tours that will Allow you to discover the beauty of the United States

One of the largest, most diverse and scenically beautiful places in the world, the United States is sometimes overlooked by natives as a great place to explore, adventure into nature and experience true Americana. From glacier cruises in Alaska to deserts in the southwest, the U.S. has lots to offer any traveler.These 5 tours can help you explore the best of the best that this immense country has to offer.

Follow The Rope

Climbing Mt. Adams taught Ed Abell some excellent lessons but the most valuable piece of his education was one that his teammates already knew… It was that the tremendous satisfaction of taking those impossible steps grows to the point where you want to take the “test” again.

Raging Waters

The rushing glacial melt, barely warm enough to even be water, was pounding us. Kristen Pope was almost to the other side, yet the water was still getting deeper. She was in the backcountry of Denali National Park, fording her first Alaskan river.

Spiraling Downward

Zopa Krellisma

Adventure Traveller

  1. Age: 30
  2. Nationality: USA
  3. Where was your adventure?: United States
  4. How many days was it?: 7
  5. What type of adventure?: Extreme Sports
  6. Give us a general overview of your adventure:
    I drove myself in a rented car out to North Carolina’s Outer Banks in Kitty Hawk, home of the Wright brother’s first successful flight. In June of 2004, I tried out hanggliding as a way to celebrate my 30th birthday.

    I spent about 5 hours doing “dune lessons” first. I was getting used to the apparataus and launching myself from the top of large sand dunes (and at times, into the sand dunes.) Two days later, I was towed up by an Ultralight plane and released from 2000 feet while in tandem with the guide. We spiraled downward from that height. It was absoulutely exhilirating, with such a rush-lasted it last for about a half hour afterwards.

  7. Was it difficult?: no
    Why or why not?
    The experienced guides make sure you are safe and know the basics before taking off.
  8. Would you recommend this adventure trip to someone else? Why or Why Not?
    Yes. The instructors are patient, experienced, laid back and very safety-minded.
  9. What do you wish you would have done differently?
    I wish I would have gone up even higher than the 2000 feet. They have a mile-high option.
  10. What kind of advice can you give to other travellers going on this adventure?
    Make sure to dress warmly. You are very high up, bring a camera (that you would not mind losing)
  11. What type of gear did you bring?
    They provided me with sunglasses. I just wore pants and a long sleeved shirt.
  12. Where is your next big adventure? Why?
    I hope to go out hangglide again this summer for another 2000 ft. flight.
  13. Did you travel before or after your adventure? If so, where?
    Yes, I stayed in the hostel in the Outer Banks and spent a lot of time at the National Seashore. I was the only one on the beach many times – and this was in June. I saw Pea Island Nationtal’l Wildlife Refuge and Aligator River State Park. The parks offers kayak and canoe trips cheaper than local outfitters do.
  14. On your adventure, what person did you most identify with?
    Indiana Jones

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