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Climbing Africa’s Highest Peak – Mount Kilimanjaro

For those adventure seekers who aren’t super hardcore, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro may just be the perfect trip for you. At 19,340 feet (5895 meters), it’s the highest peak in all of Africa and the tallest walkable peak in the world – meaning you don’t have to use climbing equipment to reach the summit. While this doesn’t mean it’s easy, quite […]

Follow The Rope

Climbing Mt. Adams taught Ed Abell some excellent lessons but the most valuable piece of his education was one that his teammates already knew… It was that the tremendous satisfaction of taking those impossible steps grows to the point where you want to take the “test” again.

Raging Waters

The rushing glacial melt, barely warm enough to even be water, was pounding us. Kristen Pope was almost to the other side, yet the water was still getting deeper. She was in the backcountry of Denali National Park, fording her first Alaskan river.

Walking on the Moon

New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park is like the surface of the moon. Here, John M. Edwards defies the gravitas of gravity and climbs a volcano – Mt. Ngauruhoe, Mordor’s Mount Doom from the Lord of the Rings flicks – without knowing how to get back down.

Hiking the Middle Kingdom

The staggering beauty of China is the highlight of a journey to the Middle Kingdom, but there is more to be discovered than breathtaking scenes of nature. China is a land of serenity, antiquity, legend, and Buddhist enlightenment, all wound up in her landscapes, and all accessible with your own two feet.

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