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With places like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Terracotta Warriors, China if full of exciting adventures throughout the mega cities and the rural countryside.

Highlights of China: 4 Trips that are 3 weeks or less

If you've got 3 weeks or less to explore the great expanses of China, check out one of these 4 tours that will show you the biggest and best highlights of this populous Asian nation. From the metropolitan mega centers of Beijing and Hong Kong to the spectacular Three Gorges, mountains of Tibet and impressive Great Wall of China, you will not be disappointed with the sights, smells and tastes of this magnificent country. ...

The Great Outdoors – of China – Guilin, China

The less traveled road has its challenges, but Stephen Chien thinks the rewards are well worth it - especially in China's great outdoors, which is perfect for biking, hiking, swimming and climbing through scenery that has inspired poets and artists for thousands of years....

Hiking the Middle Kingdom

The staggering beauty of China is the highlight of a journey to the Middle Kingdom, but there is more to be discovered than breathtaking scenes of nature. China is a land of serenity, antiquity, legend, and Buddhist enlightenment, all wound up in her landscapes, and all accessible with your own two feet....

Featured Trips in China

wander the great wall

wander the great wall

Imagine the Great Wall in all its former glory and tread the elevated highway as it stands today. Dating back 2,000 years, the Wall was originally made of compacted earth...... [Read more]

From 860 USD
5 day(s) days

Hong Kong to Hanoi

Hong Kong to Hanoi

Combine active adventure with rich cultural heritage for an awesome journey through a fascinating corner of Asia. From the bright city lights of Hong Kong to the Old Quar...... [Read more]

From 1115 USD
12 days days

Taste of China Northbound

Taste of China Northbound

Get a taste of China on this short but culture-filled adventure. Travel from modern Shanghai to old Beijing, be charmed by picturesque Suzhou and explore busy Xi'an, taki...... [Read more]

From 875 USD
9 day(s) days
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