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With its diverse mix of cultures and peoples - Creoles, Mayan, Spanish, Chinese, it's a little bit of a melting pot, adding a unique style and energy different than other Central American destinations. Belize is laid-back, almost Jamaican rasta reggae style. With the beats of Shaggy and Marley permeating the air waves, nobody in Belize - except for the tourist - is rushed and, even in the middle of the jungle, you can hear someone playing 'no woman no cry.'

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Central America’s volcanic highlands, lush forests and jungles, beautiful beaches and unique mixture of cultures makes it one of the most interesting and dynamic places to visit on the globe. You can snorkel some of the most beautiful coral reefs, explore Mayan ruins, see colonial architecture, hang out on white sand beaches, see sea turtles and dolphins and have the experience and adventure of a lifetime. Check out these 4 fantastic tours that will show you all that Central America has to offer. ...

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Best of Guatemala & Mexico

Best of Guatemala & Mexico

Travel from the cobblestone streets of Antigua, through Belize and along the Yucatan Peninsula to the beachside delights of Playa de Carmen on this adventure from Guatema...... [Read more]

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