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An enticing mix of countries, languages, governments, Europe also has a myriad of great outdoor adventures, some for the intrepid types, other for the laid back mellow travelers. And, unlike other destinations around the world, almost all are easy to get to. From a wine tasting trip in Tuscany, to exploring the Alps of Switzerland to villages tours in Provence, Europe has a bit of everything for everybody.

Along the Arctic Trail

Rolf Palmberg describes a hike to the Finnish-Swedish-Norwegian tripoint in the Malla Nature Reserve, the second largest wilderness area in Finland....

Central Balkan – One of Europe’s Intact Spots

Protected territories, national parks and nature reserves are amongst the outstanding riches of a country. Bulgaria really is a rich country - high mountains, deep gorges and abysses, steep rocks and caves, springs gushing out, roaring waterfalls, cool climate, wild fruit and medical plants, rare and endangered species, and more....

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Best of Central Europe

Best of Central Europe

Experience the best of this Old World region on a journey through enchanting Central Europe. Immerse yourself in Austria's superb musical heritage and step through time i...... [Read more]

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Balkan Adventure

Balkan Adventure

Welcome to the Balkans - where East meets West and new merges almost imperceptibly with old. Over the centuries people have been drawn to this region for its fertile soil...... [Read more]

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