Antarctica Cruise - Crossing the Circle

This expedition is ideal for active travelers who want to hike, camp and explore by kayak. You fire up your spirit of adventure and take a few extra days to work your way far south to cross the Antarctic Circle and explore some of Antarctica’s most pristine and rarely-visited areas. Enjoy plenty of time to explore the incredible wildlife colonies along the Antarctic Peninsula. Aboard your luxury expedition ship, navigate through some of the world’s most scenic waterways–many littered with colossal icebergs. Weather permitting, you will actually attempt to land on the Antarctic continent south of the Circle!


Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina

Arrive early in Ushuaia to enjoy the southern city's frontier feel. Overnight at your hotel.

Day 2: Embarkation Day

Crossing the Circle is the goal of this expedition. So, on some departures, the ship will push south rapidly from Ushuaia. Antarctica is everything south of the Antarctic convergence, a biological boundary that fluctuates between 50° and 60° South. For some, an expedition to the Southern Continent is not complete unless the Antarctic Circle is crossed. South of that invisible boundary, daylight lasts for 24 hours from mid- December to late February.

Days 3-4: The Drake Passage

The Drake Passage is legendary for its high winds and rolling seas, but you may be lucky and get calm weather. If so, you'll keep busy on deck, on the Bridge and in the presentation room. You will be prepared for all aboard for riding Zodiacs, participating in shore landings and, if you dare, polar dips.

Days 5-8: Exploring the Peninsula

The Expedition Team launches the Zodiacs to skim across the water to go ashore, or drift silently while you watch whales feed or penguins jump aboard ice floes. The grand snow-covered mountains of the Peninsula will sparkle in the sun, as clouds drift about their peaks.

Days 9-10: The Antarctic Circle

Crossing the Antarctic Circle is an impressive achievement, as most expeditions to the Peninsula do not reach 66° 33’ S. Celebrate with a well-earned glass of champagne. Travelers toast to the intrepid explorers who have gone before.

Days 11-12: Northbound Along the Peninsula

ThereÂ’s a story behind every name on the map of Antarctica. Many of the French names that appear are the legacy of Jean-Baptiste Charcot, physician, yachtsman and explorer. He, like travelers on the Sea Spirit, lived for adventure.

Days 13-15: Drake Passage to Ushuaia

As you cross the Drake once again, you will have time to adjust to a world where day and night are distinct. Please note: Read this itinerary as a guide only. Flexibility is the key to the enjoyment of this expedition. Every effort will be made to push for the Antarctic Circle. Since ice and weather conditions can change quickly, it cannot be guaranteed that the vessel will reach the Antarctic Circle. Visits to research stations depend on final permission.

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