Antarctica Cruise - Across the Circle Christmas

South to the Antarctic Circle and beyond lies a remote region of rare beauty. The crystalline waters are rich in whales, penguins, leopard seals, giant brittle stars and huge tubeworms. Sea kayakers paddle in waters rich in wildlife, and hopefully all will visit haunting historic sites amidst stunning scenery that few will ever see. Everyone will revel in the beauty of ice-capped peaks that rise more than 1000 meters from Crystal Sound and, conditions willing, remote Marguerite Bay.


Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina / Embarkation

A friendly welcome aboard Polar Pioneer at 4 p.m. precedes your evening sail down the Beagle Channel.

Day 2: Crossing the Drake Passage

Cape petrels mesmerise you, but majestic wandering albatross take your breath away as you cross Drake Passage. Your biologists reveal AntarcticaÂ’s natural history, while environmental and safety briefings prepare you.

Day 3: South Shetland Islands

All eyes are peeled for your first iceberg and you feel the rush of adrenalin as you approach the South Shetland Islands and a possible landing.

Days 4-8: Exploring Antarctica

You make full use of daylight hours, taking every opportunity to explore the PeninsulaÂ’s wonders. Your expert guides will lead paddlers amongst the ice. Zodiac cruises, whale watching and a continental landing are on your wish list; flexibility is the key. You may visit scientific stations and historic sites, but your focus is close encounters with nature.

Day 9: At Sea

Bidding goodbye to Antarctica, you return to the realm of the albatross as you head for King George Island. ItÂ’s a time of photo-sharing, reflection, entertaining talks and maybe even a party or two.

Day 10: King George Island / Disembarkation / Punta Arenas, Chile

Dawn greets you King George Island. You enjoy an early breakfast before being transferred to the airport for your flight to Punta Arenas.

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