Antarctica Cruise - Chilean Fjords and Antarctica

This Chilean fjords and Antarctica voyage will take you through some of the world's most breathtaking landscapes and fill your time with sightings of Elephant and Fur seals, Minke whales, many species of penguin, and large flocks of seabirds. To enrich your experience, MS FramÂ’s team of expedition staff and lecturers will offer presentations on the history, biology, and geology of Antarctica along the way. Few ever experience this journey of the mighty landscapes of Antarctica, as well as the beautiful Chilean fjords.


Day 1: Buenos Aires

Arrive in Buenos Aires and stay overnight.

Day 2: Ushuaia

Fly to Ushuaia on the Island of Tierra del Fuego where your voyage starts.

Days 3-7: Tierra Del Fuego

Strikingly rich in natural and historical attractions, the southernmost tip of South America is your first port of call. YouÂ’ll spend several days exploring this rarely visited part of the continent, including the magnificent Chilean fjords, an area that is practically unknown to all but a few expedition vessels. Safety is always the first priority on board and the final sailing schedule will be decided by the shipÂ’s captain during the voyage. The intention though is to visit a number of places along the coast, including Cape Horn, the Beagle Channel, Puerto Williams, the Magdalena Islands and Punta Arenas.

Days 8-9: Drake Passage

Named after Sir Francis Drake, the Drake Passage is one of the worldÂ’s great seaways, connecting the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Infamous and legendary, it is steeped in the history and lore of exploration and discovery, and as your vessel comfortably negotiates the way south there will be a chance to enjoy further educational lectures en route.

Days 10-13: Antarctica

When you think you have seen it all, Antarctica turns around and shatters those beliefs. The last great wilderness left on Earth, with its crisp air, towering icebergs and endless white mountain ranges, Antarctica is home to millions of penguins and its seas provide sustenance for thousands of whales. With no permanent human inhabitants, the continent is dedicated to scientific research and peaceful cooperation. Simple words cannot truly convey the feeling of being here, looking upon the vast emptiness of the great white continent. The ice, wind and weather dictate life in Antarctica, as well as your route. Every voyage is unique and your experienced crew endeavor to make each one an experience of a lifetime. The final choice of landings will be made in the course of the voyage.

Days 14-15: Drake Passage

Turning north once more you head back across the Drake Passage, with some incredible memories and a new understanding of the Antarctic Continent.

Day 16: Ushuaia

JourneyÂ’s end sees you back in the most southerly town on Earth. A fitting end to a spectacular voyage. Fly to Buenos Aires for an overnight stay in this bustling capital city.

Day 17: Buenos Aires

Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

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