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Travel to India's west, a place of divine beaches, remote landscapes and unique cities. Embark on an Overland adventure from chaotic Chennai to cultured Kolkata, a fascinating and memorable tour of India's unforgettable settings. While there are many places to visit in Chennai and Kolkata, rural India is equally rewarding, with remote tribes and holy towns providing a long list of essential experiences. So come soak up the sun, cities and surprises of this unique land, and get ready for the Overland tour of a lifetime.
This trip is operated by our experienced local partners Dragoman Overland. Dragoman shares Intrepid's ethos for adventure travel and has many years' expertise in overlanding.


Day 1 Chennai

Begin your Overland tour of India in historic Chennai, the site of the original British East India company settlement. Chennai is hot, humid but full of life - admire the colonial architecture and soak up the atmosphere of this frenzied city.

Day 2 Tirupathi

Travel to the town of Tirupathi and follow a trail of pilgrims to the Sri Venkatesvara Temple. This revered Hindu temple sits high above the town on the holy site of Tirumala.

Days 3-4 Bush Camp

Head off the beaten track and into the heart of rural India. Travel Overland through the remote state of Andhra Pradesh, spending the night camping in the countryside.

Day 5 Jeypore

Roll into bustling Jeypore and marvel at its collection of forts, temples and palaces. Visit Jeypores' natural delights, including lush forests, waterfalls and caves.

Days 6-9 Orissa Tribal Area

Explore the villages, markets and milieus of the Orissa Tribal Area with a local guide. Meet the intriguing Bonda people and learn about the unique spiritual beliefs of the Pajara tribe. Home to more than 60 different communities, these remote hinterlands provide a fascinating insight into India's tribal heritage.

Days 10-11 Puri

One of the holiest places in India, pious Puri is best known for its pilgrims and long sandy beaches. Experience both sides of this important Hindu city by visiting the Konark Sun Temple before relaxing on a golden beach.

Day 12 West Bengal Bush Camp

Cruise past West Bengal's temples and towns before camping under the stars.

Days 13-14 Kolkata

Complete your journey from Chennai to Kolkata by soaking up this vibrant city. See the Howrah Bridge, take a ride on a tram or check out some of India's finest art galleries - your Overland tour of India is now complete.

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