Tribal Tales - Deluxe

Tanzania is as well known for its conservation of nature as it is for its preservation of culture. On this Tribal Tales excursion, see the animals and the impressive views, but also immerse yourself in the lives of the people of Northern Tanzania. Welcomed into Chagga, Maasai, Hadzabe, and Datoga villages, you will be able to exchange customs, stories, and tales with these friendly people. These Tribal Tales itineraries are ideal for the traveler who is interested in everything that constitutes modern Tanzania-- not only its geography and ecosystem, but its people as well.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - Arusha

Meet at the airport/Arusha arrival point and
transfer to your lodge for pre-safari briefing.

Overnight: Karama Lodge (Dinner included)

Day 2 - Arusha - Marangu

After breakfast, We begin our day with a morning
walk & town tour of Arusha – visiting key sites of
interest as well as colourful craft markets before
departing due east to Marangu, in the foothills of
Mt Kilimanjaro. This area is home to the Chagga
people and traditional people of the Kilimanjaro
region. We stop enroute for a delicious meal at
Kigongoni Lodge, situated atop a ridge with
magnificent views to Mt Meru. We arrive to
Marangu mid-afternoon and take a walk to the
rushing waterfalls that are fed by the Snows of
Kilimanjaro. We arrive back to the lodge for
Chagga tales of yesteryear.

Overnight: Capricorn Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)

Day 3 - Marangu - Arusha

After breakfast, we wander off to explore
traditional Chagga housing and blacksmith
workshop. The blacksmiths toil away exactly as
they have for centuries. We then take a hike to
some caves on the other side of the village and we
enter into the depths to explore the cavern before
returning for lunch at Capricorn, followed by a
return to Arusha.

Overnight: The Arusha Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included)

Day 4 - Arusha - Esilalei

We transfer back via Arusha and into the Maasai
Heartlands to a village called Esilalei (Toothbrush
Tree) located in the wildlife corridor in between
Tarangire and Lake Manyara. We enjoy a packed
lunch just as we enter the village and are met by
the village elders and morani (warriors) singing
and dancing to welcome us. Your visit supports
the building of their school here. Camp overnight,
and although you’ll sleep to calls of hyenas and the
African night, there will be Maasai sitting up round
the fire and guarding the camp.

Overnight: Maasai Boma Camp (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)

Day 5 - Esilalei - Lake Eyasi

Cultural insights around the village. Here with
Maasai as guides you can visit traditional huts,
take part in activities like herding goats, milking
cows, jewellery beadwork, spot animals & birds on
a walking safari in the bush, find out about the
medicinal uses of the savanna plants and learn
from an elder the history and culture of these
fascinating people. We move further into the true
tribal areas of Tanzania and head towards Lake
Eyasi. Upon arrival we are able to interact with
the Hadzabe/Datoga tribes and exchange cultural
norms and customs. We arrive at our camp for a
late lunch and then follow with an afternoon of
exploring the lake shore and nearby Wilderness

Overnight: Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp (Breakfast, Lunch, and
Dinner included)

Day 6 - Lake Eyasi

A very early morning of traditional hunting ensures
we are learning ancient customs firsthand. We are
able to interact with the Hadzabe people and join
in the thrill of the hunting of small mammals and
preparation to cook. We return to the camp for
resting, lunch and then afternoon Wilderness Walk.

Overnight: Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp (Breakfast, Lunch, and
Dinner included)

Day 7 - Lake Eyasi - Arusha

We enjoy a more leisurely morning before
transferring back to Arusha via the traditional craft
stalls along the way – many tribal artworks can be
represented in one stall. We pass through E Unoto
Maasai Retreat for one last exposure to the Maasai
people before arriving in Arusha late afternoon.

Overnight: The Arusha Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included)

Day 8 - Arusha and beyond...

We make a timely transfer to Arusha departure
point for travel beyond.

Overnight: (Breakfast included)

Accommodation Information

Karama Lodge

Karama Lodge in Arusha is set on the side of a hill just on the outskirts of Arusha and it
individual thatched cabins with spectacular views across to Kilimanjaro. Karama is also known
for its superb cuisine.

Capricorn Hotel

Capricorn Hotel is located in Marangu, on the road up to Marangu Park gate that is used for
Kilimanjaro trekking. It is a lush and green area abound with banana and coffee plantations. It is
an old colonial house, with main residence and guesthouse – and even has a stream from
Kilimanjaro running through the restaurant and reception area.

Arusha Hotel

The Arusha Hotel is the tastefully refurbished hotel which was John Wayne’s watering hole
while filming ‘Hatari’ in Arusha National Park. It is located right in the heart of Arusha with good
access to craft markets and is now one of Arusha’s premier hotels. It has large rooms, superb
food, extensive gardens, swimming pool and 24 hour casino.

Maasai Boma Camp

For the duration of the stay out at Esilalei ‘Maasai’ village, we will be welcomed into one of the
bomas. This is a night of camping near the shores of Lake Manyara and sitting by the fire with
Maasai warriors, exchanging stories and cultures. There is a temporary drop toilet but there are
no showering facilities. Esilalei Nursery School is one of the schools that we have built in 2007
and continue to maintain and so we consider it our second home and are treated as such. The
experience is excellent as is when conversation with the villagers takes over.

Kisima Ngeda

Kisima Ngeda is a discrete but luxury tented camp at Lake Eyasi with all the trims. It is a great
location and a good base to really explore to Hadzabe people and nearby hiking paths in the
acacia forest.

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