Annapurna Circuit

Embrace adventure and travel into one of the highest mountain ranges in the world - the Annapurnas. The snowcapped peaks, mist-shrouded valleys, isolated communities and remote monasteries will inspire those with a bold spirit and a yearning for a definitive nature experience. Reach altitudes of over 5,000 m, discover the ancestral traditions of the local people and immerse completely in the spectacular mountain wilderness.


Day 1 Kathmandu

Experience the eclectic sights of Kathmandu. Be sure to visit the 'Monkey Temple', the bustling street markets and Durbar Square. Get up-to-date with mountaineering information and learn about minimum-impact trekking at KEEP, the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project.

Day 2 Bandipur

Be blown away by the fantastic views of the Annapurna and Manaslu mountain ranges and the friendliness of the locals on a stroll through this Newari trading village.

Days 3-19 Annapurna Circuit

Trek through rugged mountain scenery by day and relax in cosy teahouses at night. Pause along the way to gaze at the scenery, snap a photograph and acclimatise to the dramatic altitudes. Complete a loop of the Annapurnas - cross icy rivers, traverse broad plains and climb alpine passes. Say hello to yak and goat herders on grassy steppes and visit remote mountain monasteries to soak up Nepali history, culture and tradition. Cross Thorung Pass - the highest on this trip at 5,416m - and take a moment to revel in the adrenaline rush that comes with such a grand achievement.

Day 20 Pokhara

This peaceful town is the perfect base to rest weary limbs, reflect on a tremendous adventure and relax with a hot drink at a lakeside cafe.

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