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With its warm people, rustic villages, amazing wildlife, stunning landscapes and some of the most exotic flora and fauna on the planet, Borneo is one of the world's most exciting adventure destinations. Join us as we trek through the magnificent rainforests of Mulu National Park, scale South-East Asia's highest peak, soak in revitalising hot springs, witness the birth of baby green turtles and meet the majestic orangutans of Sepilok. There's also plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the island's rich cultures, staying in an Iban longhouse and spending the night in a Dusun village at the foot of Mt Kinabalu - so bring good hiking boots and a belly full of adventure to discover the very best of Borneo.


Day 11 Dusun Village

Enjoy a memorable village homestay in the shadow of magnificent Mt Kinabalu, absorbing the warmth and passion of the local Dusun people.

Days 12-13 Mt Kinabalu

Towering above the coastal plain and lush tropical forests of northern Borneo, Mt Kinabalu is the centrepiece of the vast 754-sq km Kinabalu National Park. The best way to appreciate the entire region is with a trek to climb Mt Kinabalu's peak. The mountain is a botanical paradise with many unique plants including the carnivorous pitcher plant and more than 1,000 species of orchid

Days 14-15 Poring Hot Springs

Wake early to catch sunrise at Mt Kinabalu's summit. The view is simply staggering with the jungles of Borneo in one direction and the South China Sea in the other. Scramble down for a restorative soak in the Poring Hot Springs.

Days 16-17 Kinabatangan Jungle Camp/Homestay

Trek into Sabah's lush interior and learn about forest restoration from Intrepid's friends at the ecological initiative, MESCOT. Keep an eye out for crocodiles, macaques and wild orangutans. Fall asleep listening to the chatter of nocturnal creatures, and experience a traditional Malay village homestay.

Day 18 Sandakan

Bask in the liveliness of Sandakan, home to historic Chinese temples and a charming island-studded bay.

Day 19 Turtle Island

Travel by speedboat - past fishing villages and bamboo fish traps - to the idyllic shores of Turtle Island. Enjoy the beachside spoils by day and watch giant green turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs by moonlight upon Turtle Beach.

Day 20 Sepilok Orangutan Reserve

Get up close to some primate relatives on a visit to Sepilok sanctuary where orphaned and injured orangutans are rehabilitated and returned to forest life.

Days 21-22 Kota Kinabalu

Return to Kota Kinabalu to relax by the pool at the seaside guesthouse or explore the surrounding islands. It's the perfect way to end this unique Best of Borneo tour.

Day 1 Kuching

Discover a host of fun things to do in Kuching, a delightful waterfront city at the gateway to Sarawak.

Day 2 Bako National Park

Head out into Bako National Park. Explore pristine jungle trails and spot odd-looking proboscis monkeys on a guided beach tour. Bako park is also home to a diverse range of brightly-hued birds and tropical wildlife.

Day 3 Kuching

Watch orangutans at play in the Semenggoh Orangutan Sanctuary before returning to Kuching. Attractions include the Sarawak Museum or busy markets full of tasty Chinese hawker food.

Day 4 Iban Longhouse

Hear about the amazing headhunting history of the Iban people over a shared glass of firewater on an overnight longhouse visit

Days 5-7 Mulu National Park

Travel deep into Mulu National Park. Explore Wind and Clearwater Caves, watch bats screech by at sunset and climb the Pinnacles Trail. The breathtaking views back over Mulu park are a privilege not experienced by many

Day 8 Headhunters' Trail/Limbang

Hike along the ominously named Headhunters Trail through dense jungle once used by warring parties in the region.

Days 9-10 Kota Kinabalu

Dive back into city life again in Kota Kinabalu. Nestled between sea and jungle, Sabah's capital is a great base for exploring. Why not go swimming, snorkelling or visit the nearby Kota Kinabalu islands.

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