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Discover the lush islands, mountain peaks and friendly locals on a tropical adventure through Sabah. Come face-to-face with orangutans, spend a night in the jungle, scale the heights of Mt Kinabalu and bask on pristine white sands. With an incredible diversity of wildlife and flora, Sabah is truly a nature-lover's paradise.


Day 1 Kota Kinabalu

Flanked by sea and jungle, Sabah's capital is a great base for exploring the region's tropical beauty.

Days 8-10 Kota Kinabalu

Snorkel over colourful aquatic life on a day trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, then return to relax by the pool at a seaside guesthouse. It's the perfect end to a Sabah adventure.

Days 2-4 Mt Kinabalu

Towering above the coastal plain and lush tropical forests of northern Borneo, Mt Kinabalu is the centrepiece of the vast 754-sq km Kinabalu National Park. The best way to appreciate the entire region is with a trek to Mt Kinabalu's peak. The mountain is a botanical paradise with many unique plants dotting the landscape, including the carnivorous pitcher plant and more than 1,000 species of orchid. At certain times of year, the rare rafflesia flower may also be found - it's distinct odour is generally smelt before it's seen.

Days 5-6 Kinabatangan Jungle Camp/Homestay

Trek into Sabah's lush interior to learn about forest restoration from our friends at the ecological initiative, MESCOT. Keep an eye out for flying foxes, bearded boars and the funny faces of proboscis monkeys and spend a memorable night lulled to sleep by the sounds of nocturnal creatures. Then head to a traditional Malay village as a privileged guest at an overnight homestay.

Day 7 Sepilok Orangutan Reserve

Get up close to some primate relatives at Sepilok, where orphaned and injured orangutans are rehabilitated and returned to forest life. There's time here to stretch those legs on one of many walking trails into the forest or head into thriving Sandakan for some excellent seafood and a waterfront sunset.

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