Classic Cuba

Take a relaxing weeklong adventure exploring the tropical beaches, natural beauty and colonial elegance of Cuba. The unusual history and cultural atmosphere of this rhythmic Caribbean island is unique, and you're sure to be charmed by the friendly locals and vibrant nightlife as you explore its colourful shores. This trip is an absolute classic and is the perfect introduction to the rhythm and sprit of all things Cuban.


Day 1 Havana

Get acquainted with Cuba's capital city, Havana, by taking a walk through the crumbling splendour of World Heritage-listed Habana Vieja (Old Havana), or by heading to the Malecon to watch waves break dramatically against the seawall. Alternatively, find a cafe, kick back with a Cuba libre and soak up the procession of classic cars, the whiff of fragrant cigars and the constant sound of salsa that effortlessly melds in this captivating and incredibly unique city.

Days 2-4 Vinales

Discover Habana Vieja's best-kept secrets. Stop in Soroa to explore the orchid garden, or hike up a rugged mountain path to admire the sweeping view from the lookout. Continue on to the chilled-out village of Vinales, travelling through limestone 'pincushion' hills. Take long walks overlooking sprawling Cuban tobacco fields and meet locals over a nip of the region's famous ron (rum). For a cultural fix, check out the museum near the central plaza.

Days 5-6 Maria La Gorda

Travel to Cuba's westernmost tip, to beautiful Maria La Gorda, a beachside haven that buzzes with wild pirate legends and rumours of buried treasure. Nearby, the calm, clear waters of the Caribbean beckon. Strut your stuff in an informal salsa lesson then relax on the white sands, scuba dive, hike through the dense forests, or admire the picturesque surrounds in this remote paradise.

Days 7-8 Havana

Spend a couple of days back in the gritty, charming capital. Take time to discover the architecture, uncover Cuba's fascinating history at the Museo de la Revolucion or head to Habana Vieja's bars for a celebratory mojito.

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