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Calling all market lovers! If you've ever longed to explore bustling souqs and take in the unchanged wonders of medieval walled cities, then you'll love this six-day adventure. Journey from Marrakech to Essaouira and share historical yarns with friendly locals as they guide you to the hard-to-find sights. There's also plenty of time to unwind with spectacular ocean views and the spicy scents of market goods in the air. This is a wonderful chance to see exotic Morocco at your own relaxing pace.


Days 1-2 Marrakech

Walk through MarrakechÂ’s old town with a local guide. Stroll through the souqs and learn about the market, stop for Moroccan sweets and coffee and pick up a unique memento. In the evening, watch Djemaa el-Fna come to life with snake charmers, dancers, jugglers and musicians. The next day, pick up some local lingo at an Arabic lesson before visiting a market to buy fresh produce to use in a Moroccan cooking class.

Days 3-4 Essaouira

Visit the medieval, walled port of Essaouira. This laidback artistÂ’s town was once a Portuguese trading colony and was also home to British and Jewish populations. Explore on foot and by bicycle to discover galleries, shops and ornate buildings. Visit the nearby village of Diabat and perhaps try windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Day 5 Marrakech

Leave the coast behind and return to the busy streets of Marrakech.

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