Annapurna and Everest

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Experience the high mountains of Nepal on this challenging trekking adventure. Conquer Everest's Base Camp, a holy grail for mountaineers, and complete the arduous Annapurna Circuit. Take in stunning scenery and soak up the rich cultures and traditions of Nepal, exploring tiny villages and meeting friendly locals along the way. If you have ever dreamed of seeing the wind-swept peak of Everest, of traversing high passes and crossing blue-white glaciers, of meeting holy men and taking in nature at its grandest - this is the trip for you.


Day 1 Kathmandu

Full of temples and stupas, rickshaws and touts, Kathmandu is an intoxicating start to any adventure. Be sure to check out Durbar Square and traipse through the streets of the Old Town.

Days 2-13 Everest Base Camp

Locally known as Sagarmatha, Everest is the ultimate goal for mountaineers worldwide. Here, follow their footsteps to reach Base Camp. Trek a remote mountain path, cross glaciers, traipse valleys, scale high passes and ascend to the foot of Mt Everest.

Days 14-16 Kathmandu

Fly back from Lukla. Relax with a spiced chai or head out to see the resident monkeys of the Swayambhunath Temple.

Day 17 Bandipur

Stroll through Bandipur to catch a glimpse of the next challenge.

Days 18-34 Annapurna Circuit

See waterfalls of melted snow, cross fast-flowing rivers and traverse broad plains while trekking the Annapurna Circuit. Discover traditional mountain communities, isolated monasteries and friendly locals herding yaks. High-altitude trekking is incredibly difficult but the scenery, encouraging guide and the odd dip in natural hot springs keeps motivation levels high.

Day 35 Pokhara

Stretch weary muscles with a gentle lakeside stroll.

Days 36-37 Kathmandu

Continue sightseeing, head out to Pashupatinath on the holy Bagmati River or celebrate the adventure with new friends and a final Nepali feast.

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