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From the romantic capital of France to magnificent Madrid, this adventure is packed with art, nature, culture and history. See the sparkling lights of Paris, visit the royal chateau at Villandry and hike amongst the peaks of the Pyrenees. Cross the border into Spain and kick back on a sunny beach to recharge for a big night out. Finally, hit the capital of Spain to discover a multitude of chic boutiques or lose yourself in the world-famous Prado and Reina-Sofia museums.


Day 1 Paris

With free time in Paris, why not peruse classic paintings in the Louvre or sculptures in the Musee Rodin? Alternatively, relax in the Jardin du Luxembourg, go shopping in the Marais or scale the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Days 2-3 Tours

Travel to the Loire Valley, a region renowned for its art, history and medieval houses. Cycle to the chateau at Villandry and enjoy its manicured Renaissance gardens.

Day 4 Bordeaux

Step back in time and stroll through Bordeaux's World Heritage-listed Old Town. The energetic should be sure to make the climb up the 243 steps of Saint-Michel Basilica's tower. Treat taste buds to local wine and enjoy some of the region's world-famous produce.

Days 5-7 Dordogne Region

Head to the Dordogne region and soak up its relaxed pace. Take to kayaks to explore the striking limestone scenery.

Days 10-11 San Sebastian

Cross the border and head to sunny San Sebastian. Walk up Mt Urgull for fantastic views over the town. Enjoy the sun at La Concha before heading to the Parte Vieja, which apparently boasts the most bars per square metre in all of Spain.

Days 12-13 Segovia

Visit Alcazar, a fairytale castle perched on a cliff. With turrets galore, this medieval royal residence will surely enchant.

Days 14-15 Madrid

Between stunning architecture, superb museums and spectacular nightlife, the Spanish capital is a heady experience. See the masterpieces in the Museo del Prado or visit Reina Sofia to view the Picasso and Miro exhibitions.

Days 8-9 Pyrenees

Hike in the spectacular Pyrenees to take in crisp air and breathtaking views.

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