Athens to Santorini

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Embark on a trip through the Aegean, taking local ferries past the Cyclades Islands. Indulge in a little island hopping and take the time to uncover remote ruins, gorgeous beaches and outstanding scenery. Journey from the ancient capital of Athens all the way to the spectacular natural wonders of Santorini on this wonderful Greek adventure.


Day 1 Athens

The starting point for this Greek odyssey is Athens, capital of ancient and modern Greece. Arrive early to visit the iconic Parthenon, kick back with a glass of ouzo or sit in shady Syntagma Square before embarking on an adventure over the sparkling Aegean Sea to explore the Cyclades, some of the most famous of Greece's thousands of islands and islets.

Days 2-3 Syros

Scenic Syros in the Aegean is made for walking. Discover abandoned windmills, ancient ruins and charming villages on the network of stone-paved tracks that crisscross the island. Cool off with a dip at one of the inviting beaches dotted around the coast.

Days 4-5 Mykonos

Named in honour of Apollo's grandson, Mykonos is a classic Greek island with squat white houses brightly juxtaposed against the cerulean sea. Follow narrow flower-bordered paths, past ancient churches and tiny restaurants, to secluded, sandy beaches and spend the afternoon soaking up the rays and splashing in the water. As the sun sets, join Europe's party crowd at one of the island's many bars and clubs. The next day, take a trip to see the archaeological site on the sacred island of Delos.

Days 6-8 Santorini

The journey ends in the southern island of Santorini. Renowned for its spectacular natural beauty and its submerged caldera, the island is one of Europe's top tourist hotspots. Relax on a beach of black sand, see the ruins of ancient Thira and Akrotiri or hire a scooter to cruise the coastal roads. In the afternoon, join the crowds scattered over the hillside at Oia to witness a magnificent sunset over the sparkling water.

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