Teach Inn Uganda

This non profit project, which is set to feature in a Channel 4 series this autumn, helps to teach children in the small village of Niyakasiru in the peaceful southern region of Uganda, near the border with Tanzania.

Most of the children in Niyakasiru don't go to school. They work in the fields because their parents can't afford to pay the school fees. This project aims to give these children a proper education while providing a steady income for the village. You will be teaching English at the village school and staying at the unique "Teach Inn Uganda" which was built to house volunteer teachers and to fund future projects that will benefit the local community.

All the money raised by the hotel is ploughed back into projects that benefit the villagers. At the moment they are building a much needed grain store. This is a really worthwhile project that will make a huge and lasting difference to the lives of people in this poor rural area. A complete Online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course is included so that you can offer the children the quality of education they deserve. What's more, all profits from the project will go to i-to-i's registered charity, so you'll be giving both time and money to an incredibly worthy cause.

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