Build homes for underprivileged communities in Kenya

There are many types of building processes in Kenya, ranging from traditional styles using locally found materials such as wood and stones, to the bricks-and - cement style you may be more familiar with. Very few community building projects have a set timescale for their construction, as local communities will raise some money, use it to buy materials and build until these materials run out. Then they will wait until they have raised more money to start on the next phase. For this reason, building projects in Kenya may change with quite short notice, so you must be prepared to fit in with whatever is currently going on. In some instances, you may be working on one of the buildings for one of the community development projects i-to-i already work with in Nakuru. Or you may be building simple yet necessary structures for economic migrants, again in Nakuru. Or you may be working in the Naro Moru area near Mount Kenya, helping to build a community church and dispensary with the local community. Whatever you will be doing, this is a great opportunity to live and work alongside ordinary Kenyans, and help them to build a happier and more prosperous future.

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