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From the centre of the Middle Kingdom to the thriving heart of Thailand, this is an enormous, exciting overland journey that will captivate you with contrasts. Don't be surprised to find modern streets buzzing with the latest cars and skylines studded with gleaming skyscrapers in China. In southern Indochina you'll see swarms of motorbikes buzzing past colonial buildings and age-old temples. With plenty of time to discover each destination on your own, in no time at all you'll be lost in the riot of colour, the smorgasbord of culinary delights and the charming array of cultures as we travel from Beijing to Bangkok, staying in traditional homestays, trekking through amazing mountain scenery and taking well-deserved beach breaks in between.


Days 1-3 Beijing

Discover the city's imperial heart.

Days 4-5 Great Wall

Enjoy sweeping views on a hike along the wall.

Days 6-8 Xi'an

Eat some exotic street food or head out to the Terracotta Warriors.

Days 16-18 Longji Terraces

Stay in a local village and trek up into the hills to explore the Longji Valley's extensive rice terraces.

Days 19-20 Hong Kong

Seek out serene temples and secluded beaches among the glittering shopping malls and markets of busy Hong Kong.

Days 21-23 Kunming

Hit the streets in modern Kunming, perhaps taking a walk through the Flower and Bird Market.

Days 24-25 Jianshui

Bid China goodbye, perhaps with a traditional blind massage or a tasty dumpling feast.

Days 26-29 Sapa

Cross into Vietnam and trek into the homeland of the colourful H'mong, Tay and Dzao people.

Days 30-31 Hanoi

Try Vietnamese coffee to energise Old Quarter explorations.

Day 32 Halong Bay

Cruise emerald waters and have lunch overlooking the limestone karsts. Spend the night on Cat Ba Island.

Days 33-34 Hanoi

Restaurant-hop for French food in this colonial city.

Days 35-36 Hue

Take a boat trip or cycle to the Royal Tombs to discover the history of Hue.

Days 37-39 Hoi An

Cycle out into the countryside around Hoi An.

Days 40-42 Nha Trang

Windsurf, sail or scuba dive in the divine bay of Nha Trang.

Days 43-44 Ho Chi Minh City

Imagine wartime life within the tunnels of Cu Chi.

Day 45 Phnom Penh

Delve into Cambodia's tumultuous history in the capital.

Day 46 Homestay

Enjoy traditional Khmer warmth and hospitality at a village homestay.

Days 47-49 Sihanoukville

Splash about and catch some rays on Serendipity or Occheuteal beaches.

Day 50 Phnom Penh

Pick up a woodcarving from Psar Thmei or indulge in a massage.

Day 51 Kompong Cham

Explore the serene 11th-century Wat Nokor or hire a bike to explore the rural island of Koh Paen.

Days 52-54 Siem Reap/Angkor Wat

Don't miss the magical ruins of Angkor Wat.

Days 55-56 Bangkok

Hit the markets to snaffle a bargain.

Days 9-10 Shanghai

Stroll the elegant Bund or gaze up at the space-age skyscrapers of Pudong.

Days 11-12 Xitang

Step back in time in Xitang for an overnight stay in a traditional guesthouse.

Days 13-15 Yangshuo

Try tai chi, learn some Chinese or cruise down the Li River before cycling into the countryside.

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