Ultimate Churchill

This adventure complements wildlife viewing tundra trips with an exploration of Churchill and its rich culture. View polar bears, arctic fox, arctic hare and other northern wildlife from polar buggies. Additionally, this trip offers an optional helicopter journey to the female bears� denning area where you can, remarkably, have the chance to crawl inside an unoccupied polar bear den.


Day 1: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Arrive in Winnipeg and enjoy an orientation dinner this evening.

Day 2: Churchill / Night Tundra

Fly to Churchill and explore this remote community before heading to the tundra for an evening with the bears. Originally a fur-trading post, Churchill is home to just under 1,000 people and, in late fall, to hundreds of polar bears that congregate at the edge of Hudson Bay. Head to the tundra this evening for your first glimpse of the bears. Dinner is served aboard your enclosed Polar Rover.

Day 3: Polar Bear Viewing

Unique Polar Rovers are your mobile means for a day among the polar bears. Although they accommodate an average of 35 passengers, there will be just 15, ensuring everyone a window seat. Your Expedition Leaders know the best places to view bears, which are waiting for the ice to solidify on Hudson Bay so they may begin the winter seal-hunting season. Spend hours watching them interact, delighted by their antics and rugged beauty. After dinner in Churchill, enjoy a wildlife or cultural presentation on life in the North.

Day 4: Helicopter Journey / Dogsledding / Northern Lights

Today, you soar high above the tundra in helicopters, drinking in amazing aerial views of the frozen landscape below. From the air you may see bears, caribou and arctic fox. Disembark to explore on foot and perhaps even crawl inside an unoccupied polar bear den. You also sample an age-old means of Arctic transportation on a dogsledding excursion, during which you learn about the life of a musher, visit with the dogs, observe the team as they prepare for the run, and, finally, head out for an unforgettable ride behind an eager team of pure canine power! If skies are clear, youÂ’ll visit a heated aurora dome to experience the natural wonder of the northern lights. The lights often begin slowly, as a faint white glow, then intensify in scope and color as they undulate across the sky, shimmering curtains of electric green, waves of blue or even red. The Hudson Bay Inuit see the lights as the magical display of their ancestorsÂ’ souls dancing in the sky. Though you now know the aurora borealis is caused by the interaction of the solar wind with the earthÂ’s magnetic field, they are no less entrancing.

Day 5: Polar Bears / Northern Culture

You will once again board the unique Polar Rovers and embark on a half-day excursion to explore the scenery and wildlife of the Arctic. The pace is leisurely as you move through the tundra, and there will be pauses to view the bears, and to witness their behavior and snap photos. Your immersion into the nature and culture of the North continues, as native hosts tell you about life near the top of the world. These captivating storytellers share tales from their personal history and offer insight on the rich and vibrant nations that have flourished against incredible adversities in this harsh, Arctic environment for thousands of years. You also visit the Eskimo Museum, with artifacts collected from centuries of local habitation.

Day 6: Churchill / Winnipeg

After time to pick up some last-minute native crafts, you board a return flight to Winnipeg.

Day 7: Winnipeg / Home

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for flights home.

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