Antarctica Cruise - The Peninsula (Adventure Options)

Home to the second longest mountain chain on the frozen continent, the Antarctic Peninsula offers energetic expeditioners ascents of hundreds of unclimbed peaks rising several thousand meters and paddling on protected waterways. This voyage caters to all levels of expertise. Climbers can expect to make at least two one-day alpine ascents and have a go at iceberg-climbing when possible. For kayakers, a more leisurely pace provides time for longer excursions, either to paddle farther or spend more time among the icebergs.


Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina

Board your ship, the Polar Pioneer, in the afternoon. You'll set sail along the Beagle Channel this evening.

Day 2: At Sea

Overnight, weather permitting, you will have travelled into the Drake Passage. During the day you will begin last minute preparation for your time onshore in Antarctica.

Day 3: At Sea - Antarctic Convergence

Today you cross the Antarctic Convergence, the biological boundary of Antarctica, and may see your first icebergs. In the evening, you approach the South Shetland Islands, weather permitting, a possible location for your first landing.

Days 4-9: Antarctic Peninsula

During these six days you plan to explore the western flanks of the Antarctic Peninsula in the Gerlache Strait and Lemaire Channel area. You will use your Zodiacs to transport climbers ashore, to view the abundant wildlife, and to visit scientific stations. Weather permitting, you plan to make a minimum of two single-day climbs and (for those interested) to camp ashore for one night.

Day 10: Drake Passage

From Anvers and Brabant islands, you head north into the Drake Passage.

Day 11: At Sea

Your last day of lectures, and the final opportunity to enjoy the seabirds of the Southern Ocean. Weather permitting, you hope to cruise past Cape Horn before a farewell dinner provides a fitting finale.

Day 12: Ushuaia, Argentina

You travel up the Beagle Channel to disembark in Ushuaia. You say farewell to new found friends as you follow your seperate paths. For those staying in Ushuaia the rest of the day can be spent at leisure in "The Town At The End Of The World". For those wishing to experience the delights of Tiera Del Fuego, it should be possible to make a brief sortie to the mountains behind Ushuaia.

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