Antarctica Cruise - The Peninsula

Traveling to the farthest reaches of the world doesnÂ’t mean you canÂ’t be comfortable! Embark on this ideal introduction to Antarctica aboard a beautiful expedition ship that combines adventure with service and many amenities of a classic passenger vessel. The outstanding cuisine may vie with the landscape and wildlife for your attention. Depart and finish in the port of Ushuaia in Argentina, and visit prime sites along the Antarctic Peninsula and the neighboring South Shetland Islands. This program emphasizes wildlife viewing, possible visits to scientific bases, breathtaking scenery with narrow waterways, glaciers, icebergs and rugged mountains. Enjoy quality and value at a good price!

ExpeditionTripsÂ’ Program Manager, Joy Martinello, has sailed aboard the Clipper Adventurer. Click to view her travel journal and photos!


Days 1-2: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Arrive in Ushuaia, a small town at the "end of the world" surrounded by rugged peaks and glaciers, and transfer independently to your conveniently located hotel. The following day, in the afternoon, the Expedition Team gets you settled aboard your ship as you sail into the Beagle Channel to start your Antarctic expedition.

Days 3-4: Crossing the Drake Passage

Among the many unforgettable experiences you’ll have on your journey, food will certainly be one of them. It may seem as if you are dining in one of the finer restaurants in the world, with one exception: other restaurants would never interrupt you with shouts of “whales ahead at 12 o’clock.” You’ll be properly prepared for wildlife sightings, because our Expedition Team delivers an incomparable education program as you cross the Drake Passage en route to Antarctica.

Days 5-9: Exploring the South Shetland Islands & the Antarctic Peninsula

When land is sighted for the first time in two days (usually late afternoon on Day 4) you know you have reached the South Shetland Islands. This impressive group of islands, lying to the north and roughly parallel to the Antarctic Peninsula, is a haven for wildlife. You visit vast penguin rookeries, land on beaches ruled by Antarctic fur seals and observe wallowing southern elephant seals. You also hope to visit one of the many research bases in the archipelago and look for Antarctica's only two flowering plants which thrive here during the short southern summer. A highlight of our visit to the South Shetlands will be sailing through a narrow passage into the flooded caldera of Deception Island. The Antarctic Peninsula is the most easily accessible part of the ‘White Continent,’ but it also has some of the most awe-inspiring scenery and a rich variety of wildlife. This voyage offers ample time to experience the special magic of this wilderness region. Among the places you may visit are aptly named Paradise Harbor, where glaciers fill the calm waters with a vista of icebergs sculpted by wind and weather. Here, you may set foot on the ‘White Continent’ itself. At Port Lockroy, you will find thriving colonies of penguins and shags and a former British scientific station that has recently been renovated and serves as a fascinating museum. Cuverville Island and Rongé Island, with their dramatic location, are home to a large colony of nearly 5,000 pairs of gentoo penguins. Many visitors find the Antarctic scenery as rewarding as the wildlife, and you will be enchanted by such beautiful waterways as the Neumayer and Lemaire channels. Located south of the spectacular Lemaire Channel and separated from the mainland of the Antarctic Peninsula by Penola Strait is Petermann Island, on which your guides plan to land. Adélie and gentoo penguins, skuas and blue-eyed shags nest close to the landing site.

Days 10-11: Drake Passage

Returning to Ushuaia across the Drake Passage, you know you are one of the people in the world that have set foot on Antarctica. The adventure will be with you forever. You may already be thinking of a return trip – as many have found before, the lure of Antarctica is a strong one.

Day 12: Ushuaia

You disembark after breakfast and are transferred to the airport for your independent flights home.

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