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Follow in the footsteps of dashing explorers and hardy gold prospectors through a lush and largely untouched wilderness that may still be inhabited by mischievous spirits from the Dreamtime. See where the mythic 'Quinkans' are painted on ancient sandstone rocks, stroll on tropical beaches in the Torres Strait, and be dwarfed by black granite mountains, giant termite mounds, pristine rivers and the famous Daintree rainforest. It's a top adventure at the very top of Australia!


Day 1 Cairns

Welcome to the gateway of Far North Queensland.

Day 4 Moreton

Visit the bauxite mine at Weipa, pass through the Batavia Downs Station before arriving at the historic Moreton Telegraph office on the Wenlock River.

Days 6-8 Torres Strait Camp/Cape York

Arrive at Torres Strait's tropical shores, and set foot on Australia's northernmost tip, Cape York.

Day 9 Moreton

Enjoy a refreshing swim at Fruit Bat Falls, before forging on through Cape York's wilderness.

Day 10 Chili Beach

Explore rainforest around Chili Beach.

Day 11 Archer River

Discover secrets of the Iron Range rainforest. Overnight near Archer River's sandy banks.

Day 12 Lakefield National Park

Spot wildlife in Queensland's second-largest national park.

Day 13 Cooktown

Take a stroll in Captain Cook's footsteps in heritage-filled Cooktown.

Day 14 Cairns

Be awed by the World Heritage-listed Daintree rainforest on the way back to Cairns.

Day 2 Lakefield National Park

View world-class rock art in 'Quinkan Country'.

Day 3 Merluna Station

Swap tales with truckies at Archer River Roadhouse. Spend the night on a cattle station.

Day 5 Twin Falls

Bushwalk, swim or just soak up the Cape ambience.

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