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Travel through lands suspended in time. From bustling bazaars in Istanbul to bizarre rock formations in Goreme, experience the diversity of Turkey. Laze on the sands of Oludeniz one day then stand face to face with giant heads on Nemrut Dagi only a few days later. Cross the border into Syria to learn of its tumultuous history. Moving on into Jordan, grab the chance to see the rock-cut facades of Petra and follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia through Wadi Rum. In Egypt, climb Mt Sinai for an arresting panorama, relax at a Red Sea beach camp and see the Great Pyramid of Giza before the adventure comes to an end in Cairo.


Days 1-2 Istanbul

Experience the electric energy of the Grand Bazaar or learn about harem life at Topkapi Palace.

Days 3-4 Pamukkale/Selcuk

See gleaming travertine pools renowned for their healing properties before heading to Selcuk to explore Ephesus.

Day 5-6 Antalya

Wander among graciously restored Ottoman houses and scattered Roman ruins.

Days 7-9 Goreme

Explore valleys dotted with otherworldly fairy chimneys and pigeon houses.

Day 10 Nemrut Dagi

Venture into rural Turkey and the ancient lands of King Antiochus.

Day 11 Sanliurfa/Homestay

Enjoy a homestay and a traditional meal with local friends.

Days 12-13 Aleppo

In Syria, discover the ruined Citadel or browse the fabulous covered souq.

Day 14 Hama

Soak up the beauty of Hama.

Day 15 Palmyra

Step into the pages of history in ancient Palmyra.

Days 16-17 Damascus

SyriaÂ’s glamorous capital is a maze of winding alleyways, lively bazaars and gorgeous architecture attributed to the Persians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs.

Day 18 Amman

Cross the border into Jordan and make tracks to the capital.

Days 19-20 Petra

Spend time exploring one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Day 21 Wadi Rum

Enjoy a desert safari and spend the night under the stars with Bedouin hosts.

Days 22-23 Red Sea Beach Camp

Cross into Egypt and enjoy the Red Sea at leisure - maybe snorkel the warm waters or settle in for a seafood feast.

Day 24 Mt Sinai

Scale the famous mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Days 25-26 Cairo

Explore the souqs and museums or perhaps venture out to the Pyramids of Giza.

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