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The rose-hued fortress city of Petra was the capital of the ancient Nabataeans, a mysterious people who carved a trading empire from the desert in what is now modern-day Jordan. Take time to explore the extraordinary beauty of Petra's rock-hewn architecture and to discover its history. You'll also float in the legendary Dead Sea, and see Jericho and Jerusalem shimmering in the distance from mosaic-adorned Mt Nebo. This short break amid ancient wonders is the perfect way to cap off a voyage to the Middle East.


Day 1 Amman/Dead Sea/Petra

Be whisked away from the airport straight to Mt Nebo. Moses is said to have sighted the Promised Land from here and, on a clear day, Jerusalem's spires and domes can be spotted across the expansive valley. After admiring church mosaics, head to the ultra-salty Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Float in peace at a private beach and don't be shy of wallowing in the mud - it's said to have healing properties. Indulge in a buffet lunch, then travel through mountainous landscapes to Petra.

Day 2 Petra

Rise early to avoid the heat and crowds, and to see the effects the morning light has on this magical city. Emerging from the Siq - a remarkably narrow gorge - to stand before the stunning Treasury facade is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With a local guide, continue past the expansive Amphitheatre to enjoy a picnic lunch with spectacular views. Later, explore the Monastery, the evocative Royal Tombs, the colonnaded street that was once lined with shops, and the Temple of the Winged Lions. It's a big day of walking, but Petra's unforgettable sights make it completely worthwhile.

Day 3 Petra/Amman

Take one last opportunity to wander captivating Petra before returning to modern civilisation in Jordan's cosmopolitan capital.

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