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Bright lights and big cities, rural retreats and water towns, cycling and cruising, the Great Wall and giant pandas - this trip has adventure encompassed. From the sights of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing to the beauty of Yangshuo and the Three Gorges, discover the history and culture of China. Meet the local people, dine on delicious cuisines and delve into a country just waiting to be explored.


Days 17-19 Xi'an

Complete with horses and chariots, the army of Terracotta Warriors is a sight to behold. walk the walls of Xi'an and soak up the city's garden culture where locals practise tai chi and ballroom dancing.

Days 1-2 Hong Kong

Search out a bargain in the many markets and malls or head to Victoria Peak for fabulous views over the city.

Days 3-4 Fenghuang

Step back in time to the ancient town of Fenghuang, where locals live a simple, traditional lifestyle. Visit a nearby village and trek to a waterfall.

Days 5-8 Yangzi River

Cruise gently down the Yangzi River. Experience the scenic beauty of the Three Gorges and learn about the dam project.

Days 9-10 Chongqing/Chengdu

Home to giant pandas, a Tang dynasty monastery and delicious Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu offers a great chance to meet locals and get a taste of China.

Days 11-12 Hangzhou

Head to Hangzhou and cycle around the picturesque West Lake. Afterwards, relax with some local Dragon Well tea.

Days 13-15 Shanghai

A city of contradictions, Shanghai blends 21st-century architecture with old-world character. Perhaps stroll the Bund with its spectacular array of art-deco style buildings and admire the view across the river of Pudong and the iconic Pearl Tower.

Day 16 Water Town

Explore the cobblestone streets and canals of a tranquil water town.

Days 20-22 Beijing & Great Wall

Spend a day traversing the ancient Great Wall. Discover the impressive Forbidden City, stroll across the vast expanse of Tiananmen Square and be amazed by the contortions of Beijing acrobats.

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