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Uncover hidden gems and vibrant cultures on this South American adventure from Quito to Buenos Aires. Travel through landscapes as diverse as the lush Amazon Jungle and sandy beaches of Peru, the vast altiplano and soaring Andean mountains, and mix with locals off-the-beaten-track. Throw in a host of happening Latin cities, famous South American nightlife and highlights such as the Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu - and you've got one unforgettable overland journey.


Days 1-2 Quito

Explore the two sides of picturesque Quito - the charming Old Town and the elegant New Town.

Days 3-4 Amazon Jungle

Discover the abundant plant and animal life within the steamy Amazon Jungle.

Days 5-7 Banos

There are plenty of opportunities to get active in this town, famous for its therapeutic thermal springs.

Days 8-9 Cuenca

Shop for a Panama hat along Cuenca's cobblestone streets.

Days 14-15 Lima

The cosmopolitan barrios of frenetic Lima are home to fantastic nightlife.

Day 16 Pisco

Down a Pisco sour in this port town.

Days 17-18 Nazca

Have an eerie desert adventure with visits to an ancient cemetery and the Nazca Lines.

Day 33 Copacabana

Feast on fresh trout at one of the town's atmospheric restaurants.

Days 34-37 La Paz

Wander through the steep streets and colourful markets of this city perched on the top of the world.

Days 38-39 Sucre

Get to know the whitewashed architecture of Bolivia's attractive capital.

Days 40-41 Potosi

Explore this old silver mining town - above or below ground.

Days 10-11 Mancora

Make friends with the fisherman and surfers of seaside Mancora.

Days 12-13 Huanchaco

Travel through the Sechura Desert and onto the resort town of Huanchaco. Enjoy a day trip to nearby Trujillo and take the chance to visit the mud city of Chan Chan.

Days 19-22 Arequipa/Chivay/Colca Canyon

Be dazzled by the 'White City' before continuing onto Colca Canyon. Hiking is the best way to explore this amazing place. Keep an eye out for condors resting on air currents high above the canyon's floor.

Days 23-24 Cuzco/Sacred Valley/Ollantaytambo

Explore the Sacred Valley, and adjust to the high altitudes in Cuzco.

Days 25-28 Inca Trail/Machu Picchu/Cuzco

Machu Picchu is the ultimate goal of this challenging mountain trek.

Day 29 Cuzco

Relax in a cafe or hit the mountain tracks on a daring bike ride.

Days 30-32 Lake Titicaca/Puno

Visit the floating Uros islands then learn about life on the world's highest navigable lake during a homestay on Lake Titicaca.

Days 42-45 Salar de Uyuni

Bright blue skies meet the blinding salt plain creating a dazzling effect.

Days 46-49 Salta

Wander the elegant streets of Salta and perhaps take the cable car to the top of the Cerro San Bernardo - the view of the surrounding mountains is spectacular.

Days 50-52 Mendoza

Wander through picturesque vineyards and sample the wine this region is famous for, Malbec.

Days 53-56 Santiago

Stroll the elegant boulevards and leafy plazas in cosmopolitan Santiago.

Days 57-58 Pucon

Why not try fly fishing, whitewater rafting or one of the many activities on offer in Pucon?

Days 59-61 Ancud

Join an optional kayaking trip or penguin-spotting excursion. Be sure to try the super-fresh seafood available at local restaurants, cafes and markets.

Days 62-64 Bariloche

The forests surrounding Bariloche are known for their excellent hiking and walking trails.

Days 65-67 Buenos Aires

Learn the steps of the sultry tango in sophisticated Buenos Aires.

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