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Marvel at ancient wonders on this 27-day adventure through the arid heart of North Africa. Covering some of the planet's most spectacular landscapes, this unforgettable journey from friendly Khartoum to Cairo takes in legendary sites of antiquity, lush oases and remote desert settlements. Follow a Nile camel route through rugged desert and voyage across mighty Lake Nasser before visiting Egypt's iconic monuments. Gaze in awe at the legendary temples and tombs of Giza, Luxor and Aswan and be astounded by dazzling treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb. Discover the rich culture and mesmerising charm of this remarkable region on this incredible adventure.


Days 1-2 Khartoum

Brush up on your Arabic with the friendly residents of Khartoum. Perhaps arrive early and spend time wandering through the city's vibrant market.

Days 3-4 Meroe

Marvel at the spectacular Kushite temples at Meroe, the most impressive and well-preserved in Nubia. Explore unique sites including the Lion Temple at Naga and the palace at Musawwarat es-Sufra.

Days 5-8 Nubian Desert

Follow a traditional camel route through some of Africa's most unforgiving terrain. Experience the magical solitude of camping among the dunes and perhaps offer passing nomads a meal in accordance with desert hospitality. Cross the Nile by boat and admire the remote, ruined Temple of Sulb.

Days 9-10 Wadi Halfa

Journey through remote, rocky landscapes to reach the port of Wadi Halfa. Admire the spectacular desert scenery on a ferry adventure across Lake Nasser.

Days 12-15 Aswan

A stroll beside the Nile is the perfect way to appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of this picturesque town. Visit an unfinished obelisk, take a felucca ride or venture into the atmospheric souq to snare a bargain.

Days 16-18 Luxor

Be overwhelmed by Luxor's ancient treasures including the spectacular Temples of Karnak. Ride donkeys into the eerie Valley of the Kings and explore the famous tombs of pharaohs, which boast wonderfully preserved paintings.

Days 19-23 Western Desert Oasis Route

Visit exotic oases that have long and interesting histories stretching back to Pharaonic times. Admire ancient temples, escape from the sun amid shady gardens and perhaps head out on a camel trek across the dunes. Explore the wonders of the Black and White deserts, as well as the fascinating hydrothermal structures of Crystal Mountain.

Days 24-27 Cairo

Dive into the rich history of captivating Cairo. Be amazed by the priceless artefacts in the Egyptian Museum, including the dazzling treasures of Tutankhamun's tomb. Gaze in awe at the legendary Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, and explore the sprawling Saqqara cemetery. The city's unique fusion between ancient and modern offers something for everyone and is sure to impress.

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