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Guatemala is a treasure trove of steaming volcanoes, ancient ruins, exotic markets and colourful colonial towns. Explore quaint Antigua, browse the bustling market of Chichicastenango, meet the locals at a homestay and speed down the river for a taste of the Caribbean in remote Livingston. With a visit to Honduras?s Copan ruins and a chance to further explore the Maya history at Tikal, this journey is sure to both delight you and leave you amazed with the beauty, colour and diversity of Guatemala.


Day 1 Antigua

Welcome to unforgettable Guatemala. Gaze up at the magnificent volcanoes while strolling past quaint plazas and classic colonial streetscapes on a walking tour of beautiful Antigua.

Days 2-3 Chichicastenango/San Jorge La Laguna

Shop for colourful souvenirs at the 'Chichi' market, one of the largest indigenous markets in Central America. A riot of colour, sounds, smells and people - locals also shop here for essential items such as fresh produce, soap and clothing. Experience the local way of life at a lakeside homestay in San Jorge La Laguna and enjoy friendly hospitality as well as an abundance of adventurous outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and kayaking.

Day 4 Antigua

Hop on a local bus and head back to Antigua. Use free time to explore this gorgeous city - snare a bargain at the bustling market and sample top quality cuisine in any of the excellent restaurants and cafes that this city is known for.

Days 5-6 Flores/Tikal

Fly to Flores, a quaint town built on an island blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Visit the Tikal National Park to view ancient Mayan ruins, towering over the dense, green jungle. Keep an eye out for toucans, macaws and other colourful birds that call this area home.

Days 7-8 Antigua

Hit the road again and journey back to Antigua by bus. In Antigua, why not head to Parque Central - a lively plaza and gathering place for locals and tourists alike. At night, enjoy the atmosphere, try a tasty tamale or raise a glass to celebrate the end of this superb Guatemalan journey.

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