Istanbul to Tashkent

Watch the vibrant cultures of Iran and the Silk Road unfurl on this astonishing 39-day adventure through Turkey and Central Asia. Roam across vast rugged landscapes that have been claimed by Commagene kings, Kurdish chieftains, Persian shahs, Mongol khans, Islamic sultans and more recently Soviet Russia, leaving behind a wealth of cityscapes and remote fortresses. Meet desert nomads and mountain villagers and share their traditional way of life, which has remained largely unchanged over the centuries. From the grand buildings and bustling backstreets of Istanbul to the Soviet stylings of Tashkent, this overland trip will exhilarate and inspire.


Days 28-29 Khiva

From the ancient walls to the turquoise tiled Old City, Khiva is a delight.

Days 30-32 Bukhara

Explore the city's thoroughly lived-in Old Town.

Day 33 Yurt Stay

Spend a night with a Tajik family.

Days 34-36 Samarkand

Discover the romance of this Silk Road city.

Days 37-39 Tashkent

Shop for fresh produce at the Chorsu Bazaar.

Days 1-6 Istanbul/Western & Central Turkey

Fall in love with the magic of Turkey. In Istanbul, have your fortune told in atmospheric Taksim Square, bargain up a storm in the Grand Bazaar, marvel at the beauty of the Blue Mosque or admire the imposing Aya Sofya. Discover Cappadocia's breathtaking Goreme Valley and underground cities and caves. Overland through Eastern Turkey, along ancient trade routes towards the Iranian border.

Days 7-9 Eastern Turkey/Anotolia

Overland into Eastern Turkey via ancient trade routes and visit to Ishak Pasha Palace near Dogubayazit on the Iranian Border

Days 10-17 Western/Southern Iran

Explore the ancient ruins of Persepolis Persian ruins and visit the stunning Islamic Shiraz, its citadel and mosques before overlanding through the mountains of Western Iran. Trawl the souks, bazaars and beautiful squares and blue tiled Mosques
of Esfahan.

Days 18-20 Eastern Deserts

Wind through the old city of Yazd - reputedly one of the oldest towns in the world. Sign up for a scrub in a local hamam or sample some tasty Iranian cuisine.

Days 21-23 Northern Iran

Head into the northern deserts.

Days 24-25 Ashgabat/Turkmenistan

Say goodbye to Iran and travel into Turkmenistan. Conclude the adventure among the futuristic architecture of Ashgabat.

Days 26-27 Bush camp

Watch the natural gas crater ablaze with fire.

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