Mountain Kingdoms of Kyrgyzstan

Rugged and spectacular, Kyrgystan is a land rich with scenic mountain passes, vast nomadic traditions and laid-back hospitality. From Tashkent, travel through the lush Ferghana Valley to Osh, one of Central Asia?s oldest market towns. From the glassy Lake Issyk-Kul, the rugged Tian Shan Mountains and the spectacular glacier studded Ala Archa Canyon, discover places of immense natural beauty. Make friends with locals as you camp along shepherds, sleep in a local yurt and call into small towns off the tourist track on this journey to the capital Bishkek. Join us for an adventure into one of the world?s most stunning, wild and welcoming nations, as we travel overland through the Mountain Kingdoms of Kyrgyzstan.


Day 1 Tashkent

Welcome to Uzbekistan. Explore the streets of Tashkent and perhaps pay a visit to the lively Chorsu Bazaar.

Days 15-16 Bishkek

Relax on the final days in Bishek. Why not stroll through the city's markets and haggle for bargains. Alternatively, relaxing in an Oak Park cafe and reflecting on the adventure is another good option!

Days 9-10 Djety Oguz Valley

Admire the lofty sandstone cliffs in Djety Oguz Valley.

Days 12-13 Song-Kol Lake

Spend the night in a yurt near Song-Kol Lake and join in a game of ulak-tartysh.

Days 2-3 Aksu National Park

Make tracks into Kazakhstan and enjoy a night with a local family in Zhabagly before exploring the grasslands of Asku National Park. Kazakhstan's oldest national park is a scenic wonderland full of mountain lakes, rivers and glaciers, plus all sorts of unusual flora and fauna.

Day 4 Bishkek

Soak up the relaxed charm of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan's capital. Wander through its wide streets and admire its wealth of handsome houses.

Days 5-6 Chong Kemin National Park

Set off on a leisurely hike along Chong Kemin River - or if feeling adventurous, perhaps tackle one of the tough 4000m passes.

Day 7 Cholpon Ata

Head to Cholpon Ata, nestled on the shores of the vast and beautiful Issyk-Kul Lake.

Day 8 Karakol

Discover the remote, picturesque town of Karakol, complete with quaint tree-lined streets and colonial houses.

Day 11 Kochkor

Mingle with friendly locals and relish Kyrgyz hospitality while enjoying a homestay in Kochkor.

Day 14 Bush Camp

Make tracks back to Bishkek, stopping to camp in the wilderness overnight.

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