Cambodia Teaching & Building - 14 days

Join a group of like-minded volunteers to experience and contribute to daily life. Split your time between a building project and teaching at a local school. Working alongside local builders, staying in the community and spending time with the kids, you'll become an essential part of the community. This 14 day project is located in Baray, in Kampong Thom province, the heartland of Cambodia. Baray is a pristine area with miles of captivating green landscapes and village homes. It is also the home to two NGO projects: Khmer Life, a unique vocational training and employment project working to alleviate poverty and Village works the essence of which is building the lives of the villagers. In Baray you will experience village life and the essence of Khmer lifestyle while assisting to improve the daily lives of the local people.


Day 1 Phnom Penh/Rural Project

Your adventure begins in the bustling capital of Phnom Penh where you'll meet your group and leader. Jump on a local style bus and head to your new rural home in Baray. Your accommodation here will most likely be in the traditional style - in bamboo buildings, raised off the ground on stilts.

Day 2 Village

Spend some time exploring the village and get to know your neighbours. See where the school is and be sure to have a look at the building site - it won't look like this for long!

Days 3-13 Teaching and Building

Over the following 2 weeks your building and teaching duties will rotate during the day and you'll also have free time to learn the local dialect, play football with the kids and get to know the adults. You'll also have time to visit nearby sights.

Day 14 Phnom Penh

Your time in Baray has come to an end. Celebrate your project work and new friendships before returning to Phnom Penh.

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