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Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime on this journey through three of South America's most remarkable countries. Be enchanted by Buenos Aires' timeless elegance before unleashing that inner cowboy on an unforgettable estancia stay. Savour the mouth-watering aromas of a traditional Argentine barbecue before setting off towards Bolivia's spectacular salt flats and the legendary floating islands of Lake Titicaca. Trek through spectacular Andean landscapes to the ruins of Machu Picchu, discover the amazing fusion of Inca and Spanish culture at Cuzco and visit the dazzling white city of Arequipa before ending the journey amid the colonial grandeur of Lima. This trip has it all: breathtaking scenery, vibrant cities and friendly locals. Jump on board for an unforgettable journey through these extraordinary countries.


Days 1-2 Buenos Aires

Discover the delights of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. Perhaps visit the Casa Rosada, the pink presidential palace famously associated with Evita, or watch a street tango show in colourful La Boca.

Days 3-4 Cordoba

Stroll through the lovely Plaza San Martin or admire the many beautiful churches.

Days 5-7 Estancia Stay

Savour the flavoursome aromas of an Argentine barbecue before unleashing that inner-gaucho on horse riding excursions.

Days 8-9 Cafayate

Indulge in some renowned locally produced wines.

Days 18-19 Potosi

Gaze at the spectacular Andean scenery en route to the colonial mining town of Potosi. An optional tour of a working mine is an eye-opening and somewhat hair-raising way to experience local life.

Days 20-21 La Paz

Wander through one of the city's colourful markets or perhaps experience the adrenalin rush of cycling down one of the world's most dangerous roads.

Days 22-23 Copacabana

Cruise the vast waters of Lake Titicaca and visit the fascinating floating islands constructed and inhabited by the Uros.

Day 24 Puno

Known as the folklore capital of Peru, Puno boasts as many as 300 traditional dances and is renowned for lively fiestas celebrated throughout the year.

Days 25-26 Cuzco

A fascinating fusion of Inca and Spanish culture, Cuzco is truly the heart and soul of Peru. Explore the many Baroque churches or visit the city's impressive Inca ruins.

Days 27-30 Classic Inca Trail/Quechua Community Trek

Visit the mighty Sacsayhuaman ruins before embarking on an unforgettable Andean trek. Follow the steps of the ancient Incas through breathtaking scenery and past remote Quechua villages. There is also the option to trek the classic Inca Trail route.

Day 33 Raqchi Homestay

While away the hours by a fire, singing and dancing with the locals.

Days 34-35 Chivay/Colca Canyon

Survey the mighty Colca Canyon and admire the graceful flight of the Andean condor.

Days 36-37 Arequipa

Be enchanted by the city's dazzling white buildings and colonial charm. Visit the imposing Monasterio de Santa Catalina or simply relax in the beautiful main plaza.

Day 38 Puerto Inca

Glimpse into the past at the eerie Chauchilla Cemetery, which boasts naturally preserved ancient human remains. Camp overnight near Puerto Inca.

Day 39 Nazca

Marvel at the extraordinary images and line formations etched into the ground, some of which are an enormous 10 km in length.

Day 40 Paracas National Park

Soak up the natural beauty of this magnificent coastal reserve.

Days 10-12 Salta

Admire Salta's grand colonial architecture or peruse one of the city's many galleries.

Days 13-14 San Pedro de Atacama

Cross the border into Chile and camp at one of the world's best places for stargazing. By day, visit the surreal lunar landscape of Valle de la Luna.

Days 15-17 Salar de Uyuni

Marvel at ancient mummies en route to the legendary salt flats - a truly unforgettable sight.

Days 31-32 Machu Picchu/Cuzco

Experience sublime wonder at incredible Machu Picchu. Uncover the mysteries of this enchanting lost city on a guided tour, then explore the citadel at leisure. Enjoy the incredible view from Huayna Picchu or simply absorb the atmosphere of this amazing site.

Days 41-42 Ballestas Islands/Lima

Try to spot penguins, cormorants and boobies on a boat ride around the Ballestas Islands. Finish the journey in the historic capital of Peru. Why not head to beachside Miraflores to celebrate the adventure of a lifetime with some of this country's finest epicurean delights?

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