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Discover vibrant culture and breathtaking scenery on this epic 54-day adventure from the Andean heights of Peru to the frozen depths of Patagonia. Experience the bewitching fusion of Spanish and Inca culture in Cuzco then embark on the trek of a lifetime to the mesmerising ruins of Machu Picchu. Marvel at the remarkable floating islands of Lake Titicaca, admire the beautiful colonial architecture of Salta, survey vast Bolivian salt flats and tantalise the tastebuds at a traditional Argentine barbecue. Finish the journey by venturing into the unspoilt wilderness of Patagonia to soak up spectacular views of majestic glaciers, crystal lakes and forest-covered mountains. This unforgettable trip will leave you enchanted by the dynamic culture and awe-inspiring scenery of these exceptional countries.


Day 1 Cuzco

Discover the city's wealth of ruins or savour the treasures on display at the fascinating Museo de Arte Precolombino.

Days 2-5 Classic Inca Trail/Quechua Community Trek

Follow ancient Inca paths past soaring mountain peaks and camp beside ancient forests. Meet locals while passing through traditional Quechua communities before descending into the Sacred Valley to explore the massive fortress at Ollantaytambo. There is also the option to do the classic Inca Trail instead.

Days 6-7 Machu Picchu/Cuzco

Be mesmerised by the sight of Machu Picchu bathed in the golden morning light. Why not brave the steep climb up Wayna Picchu for unforgettable views of this iconic site? Back in Cuzco, rest those weary muscles at one of the quaint cafes surrounding the Plaza de Armas or browse the wealth of bustling markets.

Day 8 Puno

Spot the ancient funerary towers of Sillustani rising from the bare windswept antiplano landscape. Stay overnight in Puno.

Days 9-10 Copacabana

Sail across the glassy surface of the world's highest navigable lake to visit the Uros people who live on, and construct, floating reed islands. Visit the Island of the Sun, a key feature in the creation stories of many local indigenous peoples.

Days 11-13 La Paz

Ramble through La Paz's jumble of twisted streets, stare up at the engulfing snow capped mountains or shop in the eclectic markets, including the famed Witches' Market.

Days 14-15 Potosi

Gaze at barren semi-desert landscapes en route to the colonial mining town of Potsoi. Gain an insight into the harsh realities of life in the area on an optional tour of a working mine.

Days 16-17 Salar de Uyuni

Visit the legendary salt flats, an enormous expanse of blinding white salt crystals that has to be seen to be believed, then head to fiery Laguna Colorada and the equally beautiful Laguna Verde.

Days 20-22 Salta

Unwind from the rigours of travel at one of the city's great restaurants. Those craving more adventure can enjoy some rafting and abseiling.

Day 23 Cafayate

Take a stroll around this picturesque valley in the Andean foothills.

Days 28-30 Mendoza

Indulge in some locally produced wine or check out the bizarre creatures at the local aquarium.

Days 31-32 Santiago

Head to the lively Bellavista neighbourhood for some epicurean delights or discover the city's literary heritage at the house of Pablo Neruda. For an insight into the city's turbulent history, check out the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende.

Day 33 Saltos del Laja

Journey through fertile agricultural areas and gaze at scenic vineyards.

Days 34-35 Pucon

Savour the breathtaking views of this picturesque region, which boasts crystal lakes and forest-clad mountains. For those weary from hiking, why not immerse yourself in the nearby thermal springs?

Day 36 Puerto Montt

Explore the port city of Puerto Montt.

Day 37 Chaiten

Located at the mouth of the Blanco and Yelcho rivers and encircled by densely forested mountains, Chaiten is the gateway to the Chilean fjords.

Days 38-42 Chilean Fjord Coast

Journey through vast tracts of untouched wilderness; pass soaring snow-capped mountains, colossal glaciers, impressive fjords and staggeringly beautiful valleys.

Days 48-51 Torres del Paine National Park

Soak up the sublime beauty of Torres del Paine's pristine wilderness. Trek to the base of the three granite towers that dominate the park while keeping an eye out for some of the guanacos and condors that thrive in this harsh environment.

Day 52 Magellan Straits

Ferry to the 'Land of Fire' and discover the archipelago's dramatic landscapes of windswept plains, forests and swamplands.

Days 53-54 Ushuaia

Finish the journey in the southernmost town in the world.

Days 18-19 Bolivian Altiplano/San Pedro de Atacama

Pitch a tent in the great outdoors while heading towards the Argentine border.

Days 24-27 Estancia Stay

Unleash your inner gaucho while staying at a working cattle ranch and perhaps visit a local school to gain an insight into the lives of rural Argentine children.

Days 43-45 Los Glaciaries National Park/El Chalten

Soak up breathtaking glacial mountain scenery interspersed with glassy lakes and fertile forests. Enjoy the stunning views of the Fitz Roy Range and perhaps scale a glacier on an ice trek.

Days 46-47 Moreno Glacier/El Calafate

Gaze in awe at the majestic Moreno Glacier and witness enormous chunks plunge into the waters below.

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